AA-AR: Action – Bureau of the American Republics

Government Document Stem Government Document Number and Title Storage Shelf Location
AA1.1:Annual Reports 1972-1975, 1978-1980 10-U-8
AA1.2:General Publications As7/2:VISTA Summer Associates Press Coverage 10-U-8
C28:Catalog of Publications, Forms and Posters
D84/2 (+ Appendix):Evaluation Report on Drug Alliance Program
G76/3:Foster Grandparent Program
R31/7: Evaluation Report on the Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Se5/3:Senior Companion Program
V88/8: Volunteers Meeting the Needs of Community
V88/9: Description of Activities for Older American Volunteer Program
V88/10:VISTA Planning and Fundraising
V88/12: The Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973
AA1.8:Handbooks, Manuals, Guides C43:Child Safety Program Handbook 10-U-8
D84:Take Action Against Drug Abuse
H19 (1991-1992):Handicap Accessibility
R24:Recruitment Manual for Sponsoring Agencies
St9:Student Community Service Project Director’s Handbook
AA1.8/2:Handbooks 4302: Volunteer Handbook 10-U-8
4405 (90/989):Foster Grandparent Program Operations Handbook
4405 (91/988):Senior Companion Program Operations Handbook
AA1.9:VISTA Fact Book 971 (1-12), 972 (1-5) 10-U-8
AA1.9/2:Domestic Programs Fact Book 972 (1-5), 973 (1-4),974 (1-2, 4), 975 (2,4) 10-U-8
AA1.9/11-2:RSVP Exchange 993/1
AA1.9/3:VISTA Currents 992 10-U-8
AA1.9/5:Update on Action 993 (1-2) 10-U-8
AA1.9/6:National VISTA News 994 (1-2) 10-U-8
AA1.12:Action Flyers 972-2, 973 10-U-8
AA1.20:Directories R31, R31/1990, St9 10-U-8
AA1.21:FGP Exchange 993 (Summer, Winter) 10-U-8

Older Americans Volunteer Programs

AA2.2:General Publications G76: Project Grant Application 10-U-8
Ol1: OAVP Fact Sheet
R31:Recommendations for Developing RSVP

National Center for Service Learning

AA3.8:Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Se6:Service Learning – A Guide for College Students 10-U-8
T68:Training Student Volunteers
V88 (1-3):Manuals for Students Volunteering
Y9:Kids and Drugs – A Youth Leaders’ Handbook
AA3.9:Synergist 1/1, 1/2 10-U-8

Peace Corps

AA4.2:General Publications El2/976:Elementary Education 10-U-8
P31:Peace Corps Goals
P31/6:Twenty Years of Peace Corps

Government Document Stem

Government Document Number

Storage Shelf Location

AC1.1: ACDA Annual Report to Congress 1962-1972, 1974-1975, 1977-1979 10-V-1
AC1.2: General Publications Ac1, Am3, Ar5, Ar5/2/970, Ar5/3/959-72, 10-V-1
Ar5/3/977, Ar5/3/980
Ar5/3/990, Ar5/3/991/errata,
 Ar5/3/996, Ar5/5, Ar5/7, Ar5/7/978
Ar5/9, Ar5/11, C73, C73/2, C76/v.2-4,
 C76/2, D36, D36/2-3
D99/2, Ec7/2, Ec7/3, El2, En3, Es7,
 H88, In8, K13, M36, N73/2
N73/3, N88/962-965,
N88/2-3,5-6,8-10, Op2, P31, P38,
AC1.9: General Series 1-3, 6 10-V-1
AC1.10: Economic Series 1-2 10-V-1
AC1.11/2: Documents on Disarmament 962/v.2, 963-986 10-V-1
AC1.12: Addresses F81, K38/2, N88 10-V-2
AC1.13: Bibliographies and Lists of Pub C93/index 10-V-2
AC1.14: Report on US Govt Research and Studies in the field of arms control 963/1-2, 964/1-2, 966 10-V-2
AC:1.15:Research Reports 64-2, 65-3, 66-1, 67-1, 68-52 10-V-2
AC1.16: World Military Expenditures and Related Data 963-973, 966-67, 969-971, 996 10-V-2
AC1.17: Arms Control Update 6-12 (1988-1989) 10-V-2

Government Document Stem Government Document Number and Title Storage Shelf Location
AE1.1: Annual Reports 1-15 10-V-3
AE1.2: General Publications G94 – National Archives Guide 10-V-3
Su7 – Surrender Documents in Facsimilie
AE1.8: Annual Reports of Archivist of Franklin D. Roosevelt Library 7-9 10-V-3
AE1.10: Preliminary Inventories 2, 3 (pt. 1), 6-14, 16, 18-22 10-V-3
AE1.12: Reference Information Circulars 36 10-V-3
AE1.18: Special Reports 3 10-V-3
AE2.106/4: Privacy Act Issuances Compilation 1985/v.1-5, 1986, v.1-5, 1987/v.15, 1989/v.1-5, 1991/v.1-5 10-W-1
AE2.108/2: United States Government Manual 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1990-1991, 1992-1993, 1998-1999, 2002-2003 10-W-2
AE2.111: United States Statutes at Large 14, 22, 24, 27, 29:pt.2-3, 37/pt.1, 38/pt.1, 41/pt.1-3, 55/pt.1, 58/pt.1-3, 59/pt.1-2, 60/1/pt.1-2, 60/2/pt.1-2, 61/1, 61/2/pt.1-2, 61/3/pt.1-2, 62/2, 62/2/pt.1-3, 63/1, 63/2/pt.1-2, 63/3/pt.1-2, 64/1/pt.1-2, 64/2/pt.1-2, 65/1, 65/2/pt.1, 65/3/pt.1, 66/1, 66/2, 66/3/pt.1, 67/1, 67/2/pt.1-2, 67/3, 67/4, 68/2/pt.1-2, 69/1/pt.1-2, 69/2/pt.1-2, 70/1/pt.1-2, 70/2/pt.1-2, 71/1, 71/2/pt.1-2, 71/3/pt.1-2, 72/1, 72/2pt. 1 10-W-4

Government Document Stem Government Document Number and Title Storage Shelf Location
AR1.1: Report on the Activities of the Pan American Union 1923-1927
AR1.2: Bulletins/General Descriptive Data AR3/2: The Argentine Republic
B73/1: United States of Brazil
B73/3: Brazil
C43/2: Chile
C65/1: Report on Coffee
C73/8-9 in oversize West Campus Storage 82-J-1
C73 (10, 11, 13) In SERIAL SET 3602-3604
C89/2: Cuba
D71: Dominican Republic
Ec9: Ecuador
H12: Haiti
H75/2: Honduras
In8/15: International Commission of Jurists
L34/1: Latin America – The Land of Opportunity
L44: Codification of American International Law
M57/1: Mexico – Geographical Sketch
M57/4: Mexico – General Descriptive Data
N51: Nicaragua
P19: Second Pan American Commerce Conference
P19/3: Panama
P21/3: Paraguay
Sa3: Salvador
V55/2: Venezuela
AR1.3: Bulletins 52: Santo Domingo
53: Laws of the American Republic
(Immigration, Sale of Public Lands)
54: Paraguay
55: Bolivia
58: Salvador
60: Peru
61: Uruguay
62: Haiti
63: How the Latin American Markets may be reached
by US Manufacturers
64: Ecuador
67: Argentine Republic
84: Alaska
91 (v. 1-2): Commerical Directory of the American Republics
AR1.5: Bulletin of the American Republics v.1, pt.1: Annual report #1, Handbook #3, Breadstuffs
v.1, pt.2: mines and mining laws, land and immigration laws,
commercial information
v.2: Argentine Republic, Haiti, Paraguay, Santo Domingo
v.3: Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, Uruguay
v.4: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
v.5, pt.1: Tariffs, Argentine Republic, Bolivia, Brazil,
British Possessions
v.5, pt.2: Tariffs, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba and
Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico,
v.5, pt.3: Tariffs, Peru, Salvador, Santo Domingo, United
States, Uruguay, Venezuela
v.6: Commercial Directories of the American Republics
AR 1.6: Monthly Bulletins
v. 25 (1907)- v. 29 (1909)
AR 1.9/1: C76: Transactions of the Second International Sanitary
Convention of the American Republics
AR1.20: Summary of Archaeological Works in the Americas in 1925 1-3