Government Publications Collections

eagleWashington University is a longstanding member of the Federal Depository Library Program (since 1906) as is the Law Library (since 1978).

We are two of a number of depository libraries in the St. Louis metro area (complete list of all the member depositories). As such, we must follow the Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program and are encouraged to use the FDL Handbook for additional guidance. One of the key components of the Depository Library Program (also known as FDLP) is the existence of a Regional Depository, In Missouri, the Regional Depository is the University of Missouri-Columbia. Two of the chief functions of the Regional Depository are to ensure a comprehensive collection of federal documents in the State and to assist the rest of the depositories in the State (also known as Selectives, because we do not have to accept everything that the Government Printing Office publishes, or promise to keep each document forever) with training and management issues. Although in most cases the Regional Depository itself has the most complete collection, in Missouri we are moving to a more distributed model among various depositories, which will be reflected in our State Plan which is currently being revised.