Exhibits in Olin Library

The primary purpose of exhibiting in Olin Library and the Whispers Café is to provide a creative forum to promote and communicate information about the Libraries’ collections, services, and operations. Students and other university staff can also mount exhibits promoting their organizations and activities. Olin Library is an ideal location for exhibits of university and community interest.

If you have questions concerning mounting an exhibit please contact Cheryl Holland, Olin Library Exhibit Committee (314) 935-6626.

Olin Lobby Cases

The Olin Lobby Cases are best suited to formally displaying books, photographs, small posters, drawing, maps, objects, similar materials of reasonable size, and any materials of monetary value. The four doors of each case are secured by a lock on each door. A thick piece of glass protects the top of the case, while each side of the case is comprised of wood. Each case measures 5’7 (length), 2’8 (Width), 6 (depth). The cases reside on the east side of the Olin Library lobby.

Whispers Café

Whispers Café is at the heart of the campus where paths from all directions meet. Open 24/7 during the fall/spring school semester, it features convenience and comfort. The Café offers a place for meeting friends, for enjoying a snack while cyber surfing, or for studying into the night. Foodservice and vending service provide coffees, soft drinks, and snacks: and a campus police substation across the hall provides security.

Whispers’ Cube

The Whispers’ Cube, located in the Whispers’ Café, is a huge 4-sided structure with eight 23x23x23 cubed spaces to mount exhibits. Although located in a public area, the plexiglass cubicles are relatively difficult to open. Each cube is secured with very unique screws.

Exhibits should:

  • Relate to the mission of the library and/or the university,
  • Be aesthetically pleasing,
  • Display material relevant to the theme of the exhibit,
  • Promote the collections, services, and functions of the library.
  • Should not commercialize or editorialize personal or partisan opinions or viewpoints, but should inform and educate the public

Eligible Exhibitors

  • Washington University Libraries’ staff
  • Other Washington University Departments
  • Washington University student groups and affiliates
  • Community groups and organizations affliated with Washington University

Exhibitors Responsibilities

  • Exhibition space is granted on a first-come basis and should be requested well in advance of the desired exhibit date. If the exhibitor is unable to mount his exhibition, please notify the exhibit committee as soon as possible.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for installation and removal of their display items.
  • Exhibitors assume all risk of damage or loss of their materials. Inclusion of valuable objects in displays is strongly discouraged. The library is not responsible for display items that are damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing all materials for their exhibits.
  • Exhibitors are required to check out all library books that are used in their exhibits. Rubber bands, paper clips, post-it notes, sticky tape and other foreign substances should not be used on or in library materials. Books should lie flat or be placed on cradles or stands to prevent damage to the pages or spine. Library reference service is available to exhibitors for guidance in the location of relevant library materials and consultation on exhibit technique.
  • Exhibitors are expected to leave the exhibit cases in the same condition in which they were found.
  • Exhibitors must provide the name and the title of the exhibit. A sign with the title of the exhibit will be on display with the exhibit. The sign should not be affixed to the glass by means of any adhesive substance.

Exhibit Subject Matter & Timelines

  • Exhibitions should reflect the academic, cultural, historical, scientific or social concerns of the University and its community, informing, educating and enriching the public.
  • Exhibitions that editorialize personal or partisan opinions or viewpoints will not be approved.
  • Exhibitions may include; books, book jackets, periodicals, posters, artwork, handicrafts, and other material that will visually enhance the exhibit.
  • Exhibition signage and written materials should be neat and accurate.
  • Exhibitions will be publicized, in some cases.
  • Exhibitions may be reserved for one week to one month; extensions will be granted, if no other exhibits are scheduled.

Olin Library takes reasonable precautions to protect displays and exhibits. However, the Library does not provide insurance coverage for exhibit items. Exhibitors are responsible for providing insurance coverage of items exhibited, or they exhibit at their own risk. The Libraries are not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of exhibited items. Any damage incurred to Library property from exhibit items is the responsibility of the exhibitor.