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Biographical Sketch

Paul Tietjens (b. St. Louis, May 22, 1877; d. St. Louis, Nov. 25, 1943), is best known for the score that he wrote for the stage production of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. The successful production ran from 1902-1907 in Chicago staring the well-known team of Fred Stone and Dave Montgomery. The St. Louis Municipal Opera (the Muny) revived the show in August of 1962.

Tietjens was educated here in St. Louis receiving his musical instruction through his mother, Marcus Epstein and Ernest R. Kroeger. At 15, he appeared as a soloist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. In 1902 he continued his studies in Europe under Harold Bauer, Hugo Kaun and Theodor Leschetizky.

Other important compositions include an opera, The Tents of the Arabs, Carnival, which was presented by Rudolph Ganz and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra February 5, 1922, and incidental music for Barrie’s A Kiss for Cinderella. Tietjens composed symphonies, chamber works, sonatas, and numerous songs.

The success of his early stage work allowed him to live abroad or in New York throughout the remainder of his life. Tietjens occasionally visited St. Louis until May of 1942 when he became ill and made his home here. He died in 1943 at the home of his sister, Mrs. Louis A Dammert, who gave his music manuscripts to the Gaylord Music Library in January of 1961.

Finding list of the Paul Tietjens Archive

(prepared 6/6/96)

1 Box : Series I – VI

Series I: Photographs

  1. Picture of the Piano Quintet ;
    Paul Tietjens
    Carl A. Tholl
    1st Violin
    C. C. Groene
    2nd Violin
    F. C. Schmidt
    E. Knoebel
  2. (Envelope)
    • Photo from “The Wizard of Oz”
    • 8 x 10 photo of Paul Tietjens

Series II: Programs and Brochures

  1. (Envelope)
    • Dedication ceremony of Tietjens Studio
    • Program of his compositions

Series III: Correspondence

  1. (Folder) Correspondence concerning Paul Tietjens

Series IV: Articles

  1. (Folder)
    • Obituaries for Paul Tietjens and L. A. Dammert (sister)
    • Articles on “The Wizard of Oz”
    • Articles on the Paul Tietjens Studio

Series V: Play Script

  1. (Folder) Play script “Paul Tietjens Dream” by Harry Hill and Ken Jones (draft and final versions)
  2. (Folder) Play script “Wizard of Oz” and accompanying materials compiled by Constantine Grame.
  3. Progam of the Tarpon Operetta Company (Tarpon Springs, FL) production, April 24 & 25, 1998.

Series VI: Lyrics

  1. (Folder) Lyrics by McElbert Moore

Box 2: Series VI

Series VII: Miscellaneous Published Works

  1. Adoration. Words by Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff. New York: Huntzinger & Dilworth, c1919.
  2. Amor Silentium. Words by Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff. New York: Schroeder & Gunther, c1921.
  3. Blind. Words by Eunice Tietjens. Chicago: Clayton F. Summy, c1914.
  4. Dance of the Beauties from “A Kiss for Cinderella.” New York: G. Scirmer, c1917.
  5. The Dead Flower. Words by Eunice Tietjens. Chicago: Clayton F. Summy, c1914.
  6. Four Favoirte Themes from “A Kiss for Cinderella.” New York: G. Schirmer, c1917.
  7. In the Southland from “A Kiss for Cinderella.” New York: M. Witmark & Sons, c1917.
  8. March Heroic. Published by Paul Tietjens, c1915.
  9. Sea Beach. Words by Eunice Tietjens. New York: Huntzinger & Dilworth, c1919.
  10. Sonata no. 1 in A minor for Piano Solo. New York: Schroeder & Gunther, c1939.
  11. Sonata no. 2 in A Major for Piano Solo. New York: Schroeder & Gunther, c1939.
  12. Sphinx. Words by Eunice Tietjens. Chicago: Clayton F. Summy, c1914.
  13. Valse Lente: Piano Solo. New York: Schroeder & Gunther, c1943.
  14. Woodland Love Song. Words by Eunice Tietjens. Chicago: Clayton F. Summy, c1914.

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • Adoration [voice and piano]
  • Amor Silentium [voice and piano]
  • April and June [piano and voice?]
  • April and June/The Thrum of the Drum/Love Is a Game [solo]
  • At the Fireside [piano]
  • Auf tritts lied des falschen Radschah [orchestral]
  • Barn Dance — Rustic Sketches no.III [orchestral]
  • The Bells of Fairyland [voice and piano]
  • Berliner Madels — Marsch-Intermezzo aus der Possen-Operette “Seiner Hoheit Bett” [operetta]
  • Bitter Sweet [piano and voice?]
  • Blind [voice and piano]
  • Boy’s Love [voice and piano]
  • Bugle Song [voice and piano]
  • The Buried City [piano and voice]
  • Carnival [orchestral]
  • Carnival II [orchestral]
  • Chanson Russe [piano]
  • Children at Play [piano]
  • Come and Sit Beside Me [piano and voice?]
  • Coming Into Town [piano and voice?]
  • Coming Into Town [voice]
  • Concerto for Piano [piano and orchestra]
  • Concerto for Piano, 2nd movement [piano and orchestra]
  • Da locken die Geigen zum Reigen — Walzer-Intermezzo aus der Possen-Operette “Seiner Hoheit Bett” [operetta]
  • Dance of the Beauties, from “A Kiss for Cinderella” by J.M. Barrie [piano]
  • Danse espagnole [piano]
  • Day Dreams [piano]
  • The Dead Flower, Op.1 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • Die Berliner Madels [orchestra]
  • Die Berliner Madels [winds and brass?]
  • Die Suffragettenarmee [voice and piano]
  • Do You Like Me? from “Cardland” [vocal duet and piano]
  • Dreams — Stella [voice and piano]
  • Earth Trembles Waiting [voice and piano]
  • An Elegiac Overture [piano]
  • Elegy [voice and piano]
  • The End of Lilac Time [piano]
  • Entracte [piano]
  • Evening Song — Rustic Sketches no.IV [orchestral]
  • Fair Rosamond [piano]
  • Fairies in the Moonlight [piano]
  • Fairy Dance — Rustic Sketches no.V [orchestral]
  • Feeding Time in the Lion House [piano]
  • Finale Act II [opera?]
  • Five Piano Pieces [piano]
  • Five Pieces [piano and voice?]
  • Five Songs [voice]
  • The Flavor of a Kiss [solo voice, chorus, piano]
  • The Florida Flower [voice and piano]
  • For You, Dear [voice and piano]
  • Four Favorite Themes from “A Kiss for Cinderell”, by J.M. Barrie [piano]
  • Four Piano Pieces [piano]
  • Freedom [voice and piano]
  • Frisky Squirrel [piano]
  • Gray Skies [piano]
  • The Hen [piano]
  • The Hen — Rustic Sketches no.II [orchestral]
  • I Did Not Weep [voice and piano]
  • I Sit and Dream of You, Dear [voice and piano]
  • Icicles [piano]
  • In a Garden [piano]
  • In a Garden of Roses [parts for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, violin, cello, bass]
  • In a Venetian Garden (In a Garden of Roses) [violin]
  • In Crinoline Days [piano]
  • In Olden Times (Knights and Ladies) [piano]
  • In the Forest [voice and piano]
  • In the Southland, from “A Kiss for Cinderella” [piano]
  • Interlude [parts for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, violin, cello, bass]
  • Interlude (Portia’s Theme) [piano, trumpet, flute, violin]
  • Invitation to a Birthday Party [voice and piano]
  • Irish Legend [piano and violin?]
  • Irish Patrol (Staccato Study) [piano]
  • The Isle of Love (A Serenade) [voice and piano]
  • It’s Such a Lovely Thing to Have a Man Around [voice and piano]
  • Jack Frost Rides a Hound [piano]
  • Janet’s Waltz [piano]1
  • Jigamarie [piano]
  • Joy Has Come Unto My Door [voice and piano]
  • Joy Has Come Unto My Door (VI) [voice and piano]
  • Knights and Ladies [parts for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, violin, cello, bass]
  • Knights and Ladies (In Olden Times) [parts for flute and violin]
  • Knights and Ladies (Minuet) [piano and voice?]
  • Lied der Sehnsucht [voice and piano]
  • A Little Boy’s Love [voice and piano]
  • Little Fife and Drum Corps. [piano]1
  • London Bridge [piano]
  • Love is a Game of Hide and Seek [piano]
  • Love Is a Game of Hide and Seek [piano and voice?]
  • The Love Letter [piano]
  • Mammy’s Lullaby [voice and piano]
  • March Heroic [piano]
  • May’s in My Heart [voice? and piano]
  • Memories [piano]
  • Merry-Go-Round [piano]
  • Mister Make Haste — Trio from “Uncle Remus” [vocal trio and piano]
  • Moment d’Amour/April and June/Bitter Sweet [piano]
  • New York Sketches [piano]
  • Night-Fires [voice and piano]
  • None Shall Know My Tears [voice and piano]
  • Old Fashioned Doll [piano and voice?]
  • An Old-Fashioned Doll [voice]
  • Peaceful Meadows — Rustic Sketches no.I [orchestral]
  • Pirates’ March [piano]
  • Prelude [orchestral]
  • Prelude: Determination [piano]
  • Pretty Little Cullud Gal — from “Uncle Remus” [vocal duet and piano]
  • Quartette in D minor [string quartet]
  • Quiet [voice and piano]
  • Rainy Day [piano]
  • Rustic Sketches [Orchestral]
  • Sailor Song [voice and piano]
  • The Satisfying Duel [piano and voice?]
  • Saturday Night [piano]
  • Scene de Ballet — “La Premiere Danseuse” [orchestral (piano)]
  • The Sea Beach [voice and piano]
  • Seiner Hoheit Bett [operetta]
  • Six Preludes [piano]
  • Six Songs in form of a Cycle [voice and piano]
  • Skipping Along [piano]
  • Snowfall [piano]
  • Sonamer [piano]
  • Sonata no.1 in A minor [piano]
  • Sonata no.2 in A major [piano]
  • Sphinx, Op.1 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade [piano]
  • Stars [voice and piano]
  • String Quartet [string quartet]
  • Suite [orchestral]
  • Summer Moon [piano]
  • Sun Shine [piano]
  • Sunday Morning [piano]
  • Sweet Meritable Maude McGee [voice and piano]
  • Symphony in B minor [orchestral]
  • Symphony in E minor [orchestral]
  • Symphony IV (Easter Symphony) [orchestral]
  • Symphony no.1 [orchestral]
  • Symphony no.2 in B minor [orchestral]
  • Symphony no.3 in A minor [orchestral]
  • The Tale of the Old Push-Cart Peddler — New York Scenes, no.1 [orchestral]
  • The Tale of the Old Push Cart Vender [piano]
  • The Tents of the Arabs [opera]
  • That’s What Made Him Change His Mind [vocal trio and piano]
  • There’s Love in the Moon [voice and piano]
  • Three Sketches for Piano [piano]
  • Tipperary Frolic [piano]
  • A Toccata of Galuppi’s [piano and orchestra]
  • A Toccata of Galuppi’s (Based on the poem by Robert Browning) [two pianos]
  • Tonight We Live [voice and piano]
  • Two Elegiac Songs [voice and piano]
  • Two Piano Pieces [piano] Tietjens, Paul [two pianos?]
  • Two Songs [voice and piano]
  • Two Waltzes [piano]
  • The Vagabond [voice and piano]
  • Valse Lente [piano]
  • A Venetian Garden (In a Garden of Roses) [violin]
  • Vorspiel — “Seiner Hoheit Bett” [piano]
  • Walzer-Duett: Da locken du Geigen zum Reigen! [vocal duet and piano]
  • We’re Not So Very Easy After All [voice and piano]
  • Weiber-Zeitvertreiber — aus der Possen Operette “Seiner Hoheit Bett” [operetta]
  • The Whistling Boy [piano]
  • Winter Sports [piano]
  • Winter Sports — Ice Hockey, V. [piano]
  • Within the Gentle Heart [voice]
  • Woodland Love Song, Op.1 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • Woodland Voices [piano]
  • When In Ancient and Stately Palaces [chorus]