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Biographical Sketch

Paul A. Pisk (b. Vienna, May 16, 1893; d. Los Angeles, Jan. 12, 1990), the internationally acclaimed composer, musicologist, critic, teacher and pedagogue was visiting professor of musicology at Washington University from 1963 through 1972. In 1980, Pisk bequeathed his library of books, scores and manuscripts to the Gaylord Music Library. Pisk’s own manuscripts include holographs in pen and ink, pencil and Ditto of his music, lectures and essays. Also there are some copyist’s manuscripts as well as some Ozalid and other facsimiles. While most are unbound, some are either soft or hard bound. The music ranges from songs and piano pieces to larger choral and dramatic works.

Finding list of the Paul Amadeus Pisk Archive

Box 1 : Series I – VII
Box 2 : Series VIII – X

Series I: Photographs

  1. (Envelope) Photo of Irene Hanna Pisk

Series II: Writings

  1. (Folder) “Music Historical Speculations in Kircher’s “Musurgia”” by Paul A. Pisk (a copy of the original edition is contained in the collection of rare books at The University of Texas)

Series III: Works

  1. (Envelope) Choral Works:
    • So Mote It Be (SATB and/or SA) (c) 1939 by Hall and McCreary Co. No 1033 (2 copies)
    • A Prayer (SSA) (c) 1944 by Leeds Music Co. L224 (5 copies)
    • Two American Folksongs,
      • I. Dakota Land
      • II. The Lover’s Lament (SATB)

      arr. by Paul A. Pisk (c) 1956 Summy Publishing Co. 2247

    • The Monkey’s Wedding (SATB) arr. by Paul A. Pisk (c) 1958 by Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, Inc. 766 (2 copies)
    • All For Love (SATB) no 868-870,
      • 1. Groan (3 copies, 1 signed by Pisk)
      • 2. Two-Faced Love (2 copies, 1 signed by Pisk)
      • 3. New Flames for Old (signed by Pisk)

      (c) 1959 by Lawson-Gould Music Pub., Inc.

    • Gebet aus dem XX. Jahrhundert (bauspruch aus “Die neue Stadt” (SATB and SA) (c) Osterreichischer Arbeiter-Sangerbund (signed by Pisk)
    • Drei Volkschore (c) Deutschen Arbeiter=Sangerbundes (2 copies)
  2. Vocal, Piano, and Other Instrumental Works:
    • Joseph Haydn Aria “Care Spiagge, Selve Addio!” “Nun Steh’ Ich auf dem Gipfel” arr. for voice and orchestra by Paul A. Pisk (c) 1931 by Universal Edition (2 copies)
    • Joseph Haydn Aria “Dica Pure Chi Vuol Dire..” “Man Kann sagen was Man Wolle..” arr. for voice and orchestra by Paul A. Pisk (c) 1931 by Universal Edition
    • Joseph Haydn Aria “Dove Son Che Miro Intorno..” “Ist’s ein Traum, ein Hold Erwachen?” arr. for voice and orchestra by Paul A. Pisk (c) 1931 by Universal Edition
    • Kleine Musik um Karl Marx;
      • 1.Vorspiel
      • 2.Fur die Welt arbeiten
      • 3.Warum?
      • 4.Wegen Mary Anne Walkley
      • 5.Der grosse Kamerad
      • 6.Baronesse der Flachen Erde
      • 7.Ewige Parole

      (fur sanger, sangerin und sprecher) (c) 1933 by Osterreichischen Arbeitersangerbundes

    • Salve Regina; Gregorian Chant arr. by Paul A. Pisk for Med-high voice with piano or organ accompaniment (c) 1951 by Galaxy Music Co. (4 copies, 1 signed by Pisk)
    • Meadow-Saffrons; for Contralto, clarinet and bass clarinet (c) 1956 by New Music Edition
    • Klavierstuck (Piano) Op 7 No 2 (c) 1921 Musikblatter des Anbruch (2 copies)
    • From Old Mexical (Piano Solo) P2191 (c) 1941 by Carl Fischer, Inc.
    • From The Ozarks (Piano Solo) P2192 (c) 1941 by Carl Fischer, Inc.
    • Five Piece Set (Piano Solo)
      • 1.Prelude
      • 2.Caprice
      • 3.Romance
      • 4.Arabesque
      • 5.Drollery

      (c) 1949 by Mills Music Inc.

    • Dance from the Rio Grande Valley (Piano) (c) 1957 by Merion Music, Inc. (signed by Pisk)
    • I Streichquartett Op 8 (c) 1925 by Universal Edition
    • Berceuse Slave; Oboe Solo with Piano Accompaniment (c) 1940 by Belwin Inc. (signed by Pisk)
    • Bohemian Dance Rondo; Bassoon Solo with Piano Accompaniment (c) 1940 by Belwin Inc. (signed by Pisk)
    • Suite for Bb Clarinet Quartet (c) 1941 by Carl Fischer Inc.
    • Sonatina for Bb Clarinet and Piano by F. I. Dussek arr. and edited by Paul A. Pisk (c) 1956 by Associate Music Publishers, Inc.
    • Idyll; for Oboe and Piano (c) 1959 by Associate Music Publishers, Inc.
    • Introduction and Rondo; for Flute and Piano (c) 1960 by Peer International Corporation
    • Salute to Juan (Accordion Arrangement) (c) 1961 by Capri Music Co. (2 copies)

Series IV: Correspondence

  1. (Envelope) Correspondence to Paul A. Pisk and Irene Hanna Pisk

Series V: Programs and Brochures

  1. (Envelope) Programs and brochures pertaining to Paul and Irene Pisk

Series VI: Articles

  1. (Envelope) Articles on Mahler

Series VII: Lyrics

  1. (Envelope) Lyrics for “Kleine Musik um Karl Marx” and others

Series VIII: Publications

  • (Envelope)
  • The American Music Teacher; Vol 28 No 2 Nov-Dec 1978
  • Bulletin of the American Composers Alliance; Vol IX No 1 1959 (2 copies)
  • CAUSM Canadian Association of University Schools of Music; Vol VIII No 2, Autumn 1978 (signed “for Pal A. Pisk, who understands these thoughts. In deep Friendship, Aurelio de la Vega Los Angeles, June of 1980)
  • Church Music; No 74/1 1974
  • Forum; Vol 14 No 2 and 3 Summer-Fall 1976
  • Inter-American Club;30th Anniversary Celebration 1954-1984
  • Nachrichten Zur Mahler – Forschung, No 1 Dez 1976
  • So denken wie Beethoven, Mai Oktober 1978
  • Tempo; No 154 September 1985

Series IX: Teaching Material

  1. (Folder)
  • 2 analyzed Schoenberg scores
  • Terminology for Serial Composition
  • Introduction to Serial Composition
  • Worksheets

Series X: Miscellaneous Pisk Material

  1. (Folder)
  • Transcript to “Trial of Life” special broadcast of Cantata by Paul A. Pisk at the University of Texas Radio/Television
  • 12 tone birthday song for Paul Pisk by Nicolas Slonimsky May 16, 1988
  • “Action and Relationship” by Krishnamurti
  • “Erfahrung und Lebensfuhrung” by Krishnamurti
  • Autograph/Notebook presumably Irene Hanna Pisk’s
  • Paul’s Guestbook from National Association of Composers U.S.A. February 18, 1989
  • Guestbook on the occasion of Pisk’s 90th birthday, May 8th, 1983, Los Angeles, California.

Series XI: Miscellaneous Off-Prints given to Pisk

  1. (Envelope)
  • Frederick P. Bargebuhr, “Der Platonismus Ibn Gabirols”
  • Aurelio de la Vega, “Latin American Composers in the United States”
  • Ronald Erin, “Cuban Elements in the Music of Aurelio de la Vega”
  • Douglass M. Green, “Cantus Firmus Techniques in the Concertos and Operas of Alban Berg”
  • Zdenka E. Fischmann, “Janacek’s London Visit”
  • F.E. Kirby, “Beethoven and the ‘Geselliges Lied'”
  • Ursula Kirkendale, “The War of the Spanish Succession Reflected in Works of Antonio Caldara”
  • Ernst C. Krohn, “Musical Mechanical Figures in Formal Gardens”
  • Paul Nettl, “Cassanova and the Dance”
  • George M. Pisk, “The Grayyard of Dreams: A Study of Nathaneal West’s Last Novel, The Day of the Locust”
  • Robert D. Reynolds, “Tres Douchement by Grossin”
  • Delmer D. Rogers, “Public Music Performances in New York City From 1800 to 1850”
  • Allen B. Skei, “Dulces exuviae: Renaissance Settings of Dido’s Last Words”
  • Allen B. Skei, “Stefano Rossetti, Madrigalist”
  • James Sykes, “Early Decades of the Handel Society at Dartmouth College”
  • Hans Tischler, “New Historical Aspects of the Parisian Organa”
  • Hans Tischler, “Perotinus Revisted”
  • Eric Werner, “Dualismus und Einheit in Mozarts Zauberfloete”
  • Eric Werner, “Two Types of Ritual and Their Music”

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • 13 Variations on an Eight-Bar Theme, Op.107 [piano]
  • 3 Psalms, Op.21 [baritone and orchestra]
  • 5 Songs [voice and piano]
  • 6 Lieder [voice and piano]
  • 9 Songs (James Joyce) [voice and piano]
  • Arabesque, Op.102 no.1 [oboe and piano]
  • Arie der “Donna Clara” aus Lenaus’ “Don Juan”, Op.34 [soprano and orchestra]
  • Caribbeana [harpsichord]
  • The Child, Op.83 no.3 [voice and piano]
  • Choral-Phantasy on “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”, op. 73 [organ solo]
  • Daisies, Op.71 [women’s chorus (SSA) and 3 clarinets in B-flat]
  • Delilah, Op.83 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • Der Grosse Regenmacher — scenic ballad ballet [narrator and orchestra]
  • Dialogue for Clarinet and Piano [clarinet and piano]
  • Die Danaide, Op.2 no.2 [women’s chorus with orchestra]
  • Die Gondel [voice and piano]
  • Drei Mannerchore, Op.19 [male chorus]
  • Drums, Op.48 no.6 [voice and piano]
  • Duet for Two Flutes (or other equal instruments), Op.80 [2 flutes (or other equal instruments)]
  • Duet for Two Flutes, Op.80 [two flutes (or other equal instruments)]
  • Envoy, Op.104 [clarinet, bassoon, oboe, violin, cello]
  • Epigramm [voice and piano]
  • A Forest Song, Op.67 no.1 [choir SATB and piano]
  • A Forest Song, Op.67 no.3 [choir SATB, piano]
  • Forgotten [voice and piano]
  • Four Duets for Equal Instruments [2 equal instruments]
  • Four Minatures [piano]
  • Four Songs [voice and piano]
  • Four Songs, Op.91 [voice and piano]
  • Funf Lieder, Op.35 [voice and piano]
  • Gesang vom Rundfunk [2 voices and 8 instruments]
  • Gesang vom Rundfunk [soprano, alto, 8 instruments]
  • The Gifts, Op.83 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • God’s Omnipotence [choir SATB]
  • Hast Thou Hidden Thy Face, Jesus, Op.41 no.2 [organ]
  • Hope, Op.83 no.5 [voice and piano]
  • I Tell Thee, Charmion! [voice and piano]
  • In Memoriam Carl Sandburg [a cappella chorus]
  • Intermezzo, Op.70/1 [clarinet and piano]
  • Kerker (Harmonium) [piano, 2 horns, violin, timpani]
  • A Kiss [voice and piano]
  • A Kiss — Rose Leaves, Op.69 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • Klaviersuite, Op.17 [piano]
  • Kleine Musik um Karl Marse (Little Music after Karl Marx) [clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, percussion]
  • Lamentation [voice and piano]
  • Lieder nach Gedichten von Alfons Paquet, Op.26 [voice and piano]
  • Longing [voice and piano]
  • March (Salvation Army) [4 pianos — 8 hands]
  • March (Salvation Army) — from Suite on American Folk Songs [piano]
  • Marcia Finale — from the Suite, Op.17 [piano]
  • Meadow – Saffrons, Op.37a [low voice, clarinet in A, bass clarinet]
  • Modelle fur den Messen von Jacobus Gallus [choral]
  • Music for Violin, Clarinet, Cello & Bassoon [violin, clarinet, cello, bassoon]
  • O Lord, I Acted Badly, Op.41 no.6 [organ]
  • Of Faith, Op.83 no.6 [voice and piano]
  • Passacaglia [Pleyel-Moor piano]
  • Perpetuum Mobile [2 trumpets, 2 trombones, organ]
  • Prayer for Peace [mixed chorus, soprano and baritone solo, organ]
  • Prayer to Mary Op.83 no. 1 [voice and piano]
  • Prelude: “I ride an old Paint” Cowboy Song [piano]
  • Processional [organ]
  • The Prophecy of Zachariah, Op.89 [mixed chorus, organ (piano)]
  • Psalm 48 – Red-Lands [chorus]
  • Quartet for Trumpets, Horn, and Trombone, Op.72 [2 trumpets, horn, trombone]
  • Quartetto “Caro Mio Druck und Schluck” Vocal parts and text: W.A. Mozart; Accompaniment by Paul A. Pisk.
  • Regenbogen [voice and piano]
  • Requiem [voice and piano]
  • Rondo Finale (III) from Violin Sonata #1, Op.5 [violin and piano]
  • Salomon’s Prayer [voice and piano]
  • Schattenseite — Monodrama in One Act, Op.25 [soprano and baritone speakers, choir SATB, orchestra]
  • Sechs Volkslieder [voice and small orchestra]
  • Second Suite for Flute Alone [flute]
  • Shanty-Boy — A Phantasy on an American ballad tune [clarinet and piano]
  • Six Variations on a Trumpet Hymn Tune [cornet B-flat and piano]
  • Slow Song [piano]
  • A Soldier and a Sailor [voice and piano]
  • Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op.59 [clarinet and piano]
  • Sonata for Violin Solo, Op.16 no.2 [violin]
  • Song from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” [choral SATB]
  • Song to Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” [voice and piano]
  • The Spirit of God [1 voice and piano (or organ)]
  • The Spirit of God [2 voices and piano (or organ)]
  • The Spirit of God [voice and piano]
  • String Music, Op.40 [string orchestra]
  • String Trio [violin, viola, cello]
  • Suite on American Folk Songs [piano]
  • Suite on American Folk Songs [small orchestra]
  • Sunset — A Cycle of Three Poems by Emily Dickison, Op.81 [women’s chorus (SSAA)]
  • Three Songs, Op.23a [high voice and piano]
  • Thy God Reigneth, Op.52 [women’s chorus (SSA) and piano]
  • The Trail of Life — Cantata, Op.88 [chorus, soprano, baritone, piano]
  • The Trail of Life, Op.88 – cantata [soprano and baritone solos, narrator, chorus, orchestra]
  • Two Goethe Songs [voice and piano]
  • Two Songs [voice and piano]
  • Two Songs [voice, bass trombone, piano]
  • Two Sonnets [choral]
  • Two Sonnets (Shakespeare) [choral]
  • Two Wisdoms [2 voices and piano]
  • Two Wisdoms [voice and piano]
  • Variations and Fugue on an American Theme, Op.57 [violin and cello]
  • Versetzungszeichen # und b [flat] in allen Beispielen nur fur eine Note gultig [piano]
  • Vier geistliche Gesange, Op.12 [medium voice and piano]
  • Vier Kinder Verwirr-Lieder, Op.29 [voice and piano]
  • Voices — Three Fragments from “The Guiltless” [voice and piano]
  • The Waning Moon, Op.23 [voice, violin, cello, piano]
  • Your Hand in Mine [medium voice and piano (or organ)]
  • [voice and piano] text in Hebrew