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Biographical Sketch

Ottmar Alexander Moll was born in Lebanon, Ill. on July 17, 1877. His family moved to St. Louis in 1883 and he studied music with Ernest R. Kroeger, Sophie Geraldini, George H. Hutchinson, Alfred Ernst and Charles Kunkel. At age 11, his teacher Robert Goldbeck took him to Chicago where he appeared on the concert stage for the first time with Goldbeck.

From 1904 to 1907 he studied in Europe, mainly in Berlin under Barette Stepanoff and Edgar Stillman Kelley. Upon his return he gave numerous recitals until a muscular strain of his left hand induced by over-practicing caused his withdrawal from concert work in 1910. From 1912 until 1923 he was director of the piano department at Lenox Hall, a school for girls located in Kirkwood, Mo and later in University City, Mo. He was an active composer and an honorary member of the St. Louis Musicians’ Guild. The Ottmar Moll Piano School was in the Studio Building, 511 North Taylor Avenue where he taught with his associate, Ernst Krohn from 1923 until he died of pneumonia following blood poisoning induced by an abscessed ear on May 26, 1934.

Moll’s best known composition is a choral piece entitled Achilles in Scyros on a poem by Robert Bridges. He also wrote many songs and piano pieces.

Finding list of the Ottmar Moll Archive

(prepared 6/6/96)

1 Box – Series I-VI

Series I: Photographs

  1. 8×5 lithograph block of Ottmar Moll
  2. (Envelope) Photo of Jerre Cammock, autographed by himself “With best wishes to my friend Ottmar Moll Sincerely, Jerre 4/20/30”
  3. 12×8 framed photo of Ottmar Moll autographed “To Ernst C. Krohn In remembrance of twenty years of happy association Sincerely, Ottmar Feb 8/30”
  4. (Envelope) 2 photos of Moll
  5. (Envelope) Moll photos of home
  6. (Envelope) 10×8 photo of Moll signed, “To my friends Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Chambers. Ottmar A. Moll.”

Series II: Writings

  1. (Folder) “The Class Meeting” by Ottmar Moll

Series III: Programs and Brochures

  1. (Envelope)
    • Notices of piano recitals, studio class meetings
    • Ottmar Moll’s business card, lessons cards
    • Brochures on Ottmar Moll
    • Piano instruction brochures
  2. (Envelope) Programs and brochures from the Ottmar Moll Piano School
  3. (Envelope)
    • Programs and brochures of pianists participating in the Piano Teachers Educational Association concert series (Moll President)
    • The Musicians Guild of St. Louis recital programs (Moll Chairman)

Series IV: Correspondence to or about Ottmar Moll

  1. (Envelope)
    • Personal correspondence
    • Correspondence concerning the Piano Teachers Educational Association; concert series, etc.

Series V: Articles about or concerning Ottmar Moll

  1. (Envelope)
    • Features
    • Reviews
    • Obituaries

Series VI: Business Documents

  1. (Envelope)
    • Lease Agreements for suite 12,14,16, Studio Building Taylor Ave and Olive St. dated 1926, 28, 29, 30
    • Written agreement between Ottmar Moll and the parties Ida Missildine and Robert Roloff for the use of furniture for one year
    • Contracts from the Piano Teachers Educational Association
    • Recital donations

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • Achilles in Scyros — choruses 1, 2, 3 [chorus]
  • Counterpoint Exercises (Book No.2)
  • Es wohten zwei Schwane am See [voice and piano]
  • Etude Op.37 [piano] 3 leaves.
  • Harmony Exercises (Book No.1)
  • Intermezzo [piano]
  • Mazurka [piano]
  • O Little Rose, O Dark Rose [voice and piano]
  • Prelude [piano]
  • The Seasons: January – December [piano]
  • Valse [piano]
  • Violet [voice and piano]