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Biographical Sketch

John Jacob Kessler, Jr. was born on April 24, 1904 in St. Louis and died in St. Louis on November 12, 1963. He was a pupil of Leo C. Miller until 1923. He then traveled to New York to study theory and composition with Ernest Bloch. In 1924 Kessler enrolled in the Chicago Musical College and studied piano with Edward Collins and composition with Felix Borowski. In 1927 he earned the degree “Master of Music” from the Sherwood Music School in Chicago. Kessler spent the 1928-1929 season in Europe furthering his piano studies with Isidor Philipp at the Conservatoire national de Paris.

Known as a pianist, teacher and composer, he taught at the Leo C. Miller Studios at Euclid and McPherson Streets in St. Louis. Kessler’s works include many songs, an opera, Women of Andros and an orchestral piece, Soliloquy.

Finding list of the John Jacob Kessler Archive

(prepared 6/19/96)

Contained in Miscellaneous Archive Box : Series I – II

Series I: Works

  1. O’ Captain, My Captain (SSA) Op. 55 (c) 1956 by Belwin Inc. (5 copies)

Series II: Correspondence

  1. (Envelope) Letter from Boosey and Hawkes

Series III: Miscellaneous

  1. (Folder) Brochure, newpaper article, survey for Krohn

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • At the Mid-Hour of Night, Op.14 no.3 [voice and piano]
  • Avalon — 2 Symphonic Sketches [piano]
  • Baby, Op.22 no.9 [voice and piano]
  • Bedouin Love Song [voice and piano]
  • Bereaved, op.24 no.7 [voice and piano]
  • The Blind Girl, Op.35 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • Calling, Op.24 no.10 [voice and piano]
  • Charity, Op.8 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • Clouds, Op.32 no.3 [voice and piano]
  • Dawn, Op.31 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • The Day Is Ended [voice and piano]
  • Dialogue, Op.43 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • Dirge of Love, Op.22 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • Discovery, Op.32 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • Festival Overture, Op.57 [orchestra — score]
  • Ghosts, Op.14 no.8 [voice and piano]
  • Glimpses of Heaven, Op.23 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • Grey Rocks and Greyer Sea [voice and piano]
  • Had You Not Come, Op.24 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • The Heathen Raged [voice and piano]
  • I Have Come Back, My River, Op.46 no.3 [voice and piano]
  • I Love You, Op.24 no.9 [voice and piano]
  • I Think of Thee, Op.22 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • The Laborer, Op.23 no.3 [voice and piano]
  • The Last Hour, Op.22 no.5 [voice and piano]
  • Lead, Kindly Light, Op.18 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • A Life Lesson, Op.24 no.8 [voice and piano]
  • Looking Glass River [voice and piano]
  • Maternity, Op.32 no.4 [voice and piano]
  • A Memory, Op.7 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • A Miracle: Hymn [chorus, soprano, organ; score]
  • Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel, Op.14 no.10 [voice and piano]
  • My Friend, Op.23 no.5 [voice and piano]
  • Night, Op.22 no.7 [voice and piano]
  • Of Gardens, Op.3 no.3 [voice and piano]
  • Out of the Depths, Op.18 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • Peace, Op.22 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • Plea to Life, Op.22 no.13 [voice and piano]
  • Poetry, Op.22 no. 15 [voice and piano]
  • Portrait of an Old Jew [voice and piano]
  • The Rainy Day, Op.21 no.13 [voice and piano]
  • The Rainy Day, Op.22 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • Requiem, Op.59 [orchestral]
  • Requiem, Op.7 no.5 [voice and piano]
  • Sea and Fog, Op.11? no.7 [voice and piano]
  • The Secret, Op.32 [voice and piano]
  • The Secret, Op.32 no.8 [voice and piano]
  • Serenade, Op.24 no.5 [voice and piano]
  • Serenade, Op.24 no.7 [voice and piano]
  • Since You Went A-Way, Op.23 no.10 [voice and piano]
  • Since You Went Away, Op.22 no.18 [voice and piano]
  • Sketches du Fontainebleau pour Piano, Op.39 [piano]
  • Sleep, Op.24 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • The Song Maker, Op.23 no.6 [voice and piano]
  • Take, O Take Those Lips Away, Op.14 no.12 [voice and piano]
  • The Terror of Death, Op.14 no.6 [voice and piano]
  • Thee and Me, Op.23 no.11 [voice and piano]
  • Thou Would’st Be Loved? Op.32, no.2 [voice and piano]
  • Thou Would’st Be Loved? Op.32 no.7 [voice and piano]
  • Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano, Op.33 [violin, cello, piano; full score]
  • ‘Tis Strange to Watch Love Die, Op.22 no.2 [voice and piano]
  • When I’m With You, Op.24 no.6 [voice and piano]
  • A Widow Bird, Op. 14 no. 4 [voice and piano]
  • A Wish, Op.14 no.1 [voice and piano]
  • The Woman of Andros, Op.33 [opera, full score]
  • You’ll Love Me Yet, Op.14 no.11 [voice and piano]
  • You, Op.22 no.17 [voice and piano]
  • You, Op.23 no.8 [voice and piano]