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Biographical Sketch

Hubert Bauersachs, violin virtuoso, pianist, transcriber and composer was born at St. Louis, Mo., in 1882. He received his first musical instruction on the violin at the age of eleven under Dr. J. P. Nemours; three years later he was placed under the tuition of Signor Guido Parisi, who finished the Artists’ Course under the great Italian violinist and composer, Antonio Bazzini.

Edouard Reményi, the great Hungarian violinist and composer, upon hearing young Bauersachs play, prophesied he was destined to take rank with the greatest violinists. In 1901, Bauersachs played the D major concerto by Paganini with his own cadenza at a recital and he was given the Medal of Honor, finishing the Artist Course under Parisi.

After that period, Bauersachs adopted his own style of playing, which many believe identical to Paganini’s style, who was considered the greatest violinist the world has ever known. Expression is Bauersachs’ chief aim, yet technical difficulties are of no concern to him, as he takes an almost childish delight in conquering them.

Between the years of 1893 and 1901 he studied under Paul Mori, the Hungarian pianist and composer, and also studies harmony and composition under Louis Conrath, pianist and composer, who finished his musical education under Dr. Jadassohn of Berlin, Germany. Bauersachs appeared with great success upon the concert stage and he has written many compositions for violin, piano and voice.

Some of his violin compositions are so difficult that it takes the skill of the greatest violinist to master their technical impediments. Bauersachs’ compositions have been played at artists’ recitals, music teachers’ conventions and pupils’ recitals and have received the hearty endorsement of every artist and teacher who has heard them. His compositions are well known and have a large circulation.

— From an undated promotional brochure entitled, Biographical Sketch of Hubert Bauersachs.

Hubert Theodore Bauersachs was a native son to St. Louis, born on 5 May 1882 to Theodore and Lillie (nee Oltmann) Bauersachs. He received his general schooling in Webster Groves, Mo. Ernst Krohn described Bauersachs as a brilliant violinist and an active composer and publisher of violin music throughout the first part of the century. Bauersachs’ home, studio, and publishing company were located at 1829 and 1831 Warren Street in St. Louis. His compositions include waltzes, gavottes, and other romantic pieces with evocative titles. Bauersachs died on Feb. 7, 1964.

Finding list of the Hubert Theodore Bauersachs Archive

(prepared 6/13/96; additional material added from the New York Philharmonic Archive, 2005)

Series I: Photograph

  1. (Envelope)
    • Graduation Class Photograph from Strassberger Conservatories
    • 9 publicity photos
    • 3 photographs from the 1960s(?)
    • 3 oversize photoreproductions

Series II: Programs

  1. (Folder)
    • Various programs from 1901-08 and 3 copies of “Catalogue: Compositions by Hubert Bauersachs”
  1. (Folder)
    • Strassberg’s Conservatory materials, diploma, catalogue, programs, etc.

Series III: Correspondence

  1. Personal correspondence (Folder)
    • Letters about Miss E. Marie Cooper
    • Letter from Henry Bertram Maginn
    • Postcard from G. A. Neubert, Dec. 16, 1903
    • Letter from A. F. Knickmeyer, Dec. 8, 1901
    • 2 Letters from Alexander Lehmann, Jan. 1908
    • Letter from Caroline Steinrauf, May 1, 1903
    • Letter from Henry Bertram Maginn, Feb. 7, 1904
  1. Professional correspondence (Folder)
    • Concerning the Melrose Violin Shoulder Pad
    • With various publishers
    • Library of Congress copyright forms

Series IV: Articles

  1. (Folder) Articles concerning Bauersachs
  2. (Folder) Newspaper clippings
  3. (Envelope) Scrapbook

Series V: Biographical Information

  1. (Folder) Questionnaire for Krohn‘s “A Century of Music in Missouri” (published in The Missouri Historical Review; reprinted in Missouri Music) and biographical brochures and lists of compositions in response to the questionnaire

Series VI: Published music

  1. Bauersachs/Adagio Cantabile (1906)
  2. Bauersachs/Duett – 2 copies (1906)
  3. Bauersachs/Fantasioso Caprice (1912)
  4. Bauersachs/Liebeslied (1914)
  5. Bauersachs/Mazurka Brilliante (1903)
  6. Bauersachs/Mazurka d’Artistes (1911)
  7. Bauersachs/Momento Musicale (1914)
  8. Bauersachs/Mother’s Love (1933)
  9. Bauersachs/Suena de Espana (1908
  10. Bauersachs/Tarantella (1912)
  11. Bauersachs/Valse de Concert (1914)
  12. Bauersachs/Zephyr (1909)
  13. Seeber/That’s the Time When You’ll Miss Me (1929)
  14. Vieuxtemps/Ballade and Polonaise (Fischer, 1890)
  15. Wallace/Dream Boat Waltz Song (1928)

Series VII: Performance scores

  1. (Folder) Deuces Wild Rag parts

Series VIII: Miscellaneous Manuscripts

  1. (Folder) Deuces Wild Rag parts
    • Blue Bells of Scotland
    • Gavotte No. IX
    • Susses Erwarten
    • Chorus for new song

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • Air Varie [violin and piano]
  • Always Happy [piano]
  • American Medley (on Patriotic Songs) [voice and piano]
  • Among the Flowers [violin and piano]
  • B minor New Composition [violin and piano]
  • Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms [arrangement for violin and piano]
  • Berceuse [violin and piano]
  • Blue Bells of Scotland — Variations [arrangement for violin and piano]
  • Boat Song (in first position for beginners) [violin and piano]
  • Busy Bee (two-step) [piano]
  • Caprice [piano]
  • Capricioso [piano]
  • Christmas song [voice and piano]
  • Concerto [violin and piano]
  • Concerto for Violin and Piano [violin and piano]
  • Constance — Trio [piano]
  • Cradle Song, Op.18 [violin and piano]
  • De Sunde [piano and ?]
  • Duett [2 violins]
  • Duett [two violins and piano]
  • Easy Piece for Beginner: First Position [violin and piano]
  • Easy Pieces for Beginner [piano]
  • Emblem of Faith [voice and piano]
  • Etude, Op.6 [violin]
  • Fantasioso Caprice, No.2 [violin and piano?]
  • First Position Piece [violin and piano]
  • Four Etudes [violin]
  • Funeral March, Op.22 [piano]
  • Gavotte [violin]
  • Gavotte [violin and piano]
  • Gavotte for Beginners [violin and piano]
  • God Save the Queen — Variations [arranged for piano]
  • Gondoliera, Op.15 [violin and piano]
  • Gypsy Dance [violin and piano]
  • Home Sweet Home [arranged for piano and ?]
  • Honeymoon Dream [voice and piano]
  • Hungarian [violin and piano]
  • I Am Dreaming of You [voice and piano]
  • I Know A Dear A Lovely Spot [voice and piano]
  • I Let Love Slip Through My Fingers [voice and piano]
  • I Want Your Arms Around Me [voice and piano]
  • I’ve Told You That I Love You [voice]
  • Inspiration [violin and piano]
  • Introduction and Mazurka, Op.9 [piano]
  • Introduction for a violin solo [piano]
  • It’s Naughty But Nice [voice and piano].
  • Lento [violin and piano]
  • Lento Cantabile, Op.21 [violin and piano]
  • Mazurka [violin and piano]
  • Mazurka de Concert, Op.3 [piano]
  • The Melrose Rag [orchestra? parts]
  • Missouri [piano]
  • Motive [piano]
  • My Sweet Annetta [voice and piano]
  • New Composition [violin and piano]
  • No Good [violin and piano]
  • Non Piu Mesta [violin and piano]
  • Poetry of Love [voice and piano]
  • Popular Song [violin? and piano]
  • Premier Concerto, Op.8 [violin and orchestra]
  • Serenade [violin and piano]
  • Serenade Espana [violin and piano]
  • Six Easy Pieces for Beginner, No.4 [violin and piano]
  • Smiling Beauty Waltz [piano]
  • So Nice [voice and piano]
  • Solo on G String [violin and piano]
  • Spanish Air Varie [violin and piano]
  • Spanish Waltz [violin and piano]
  • Spirit of Christmas [voice and piano]
  • Stay With Me Forever [voice and piano]
  • [string quartet]
  • String Quintette [string quintet]
  • Talk About Your Spooning [voice and piano]
  • Tarantella [violin and piano]
  • There’s Bread In My Box [voice and piano]
  • Thou Art Lovelier, Op.11 [voice and piano]
  • Two Step [piano]
  • Valse [piano]
  • Valse [violin]
  • Valse [violin and piano]
  • Valse Brilliante, Op.19 [piano]
  • Valse Gracieuse, Op.1 [piano]
  • Variation Brillante, op.20 [violin and piano]
  • Waltz [piano]
  • Waltz [violin and piano]
  • Waltz — Children at Play [violin and piano]
  • Wedding March [violin and piano]
  • When I Walk Along [voice and piano]
  • Wonderful [voice and piano]
  • You Changed My Sunny Junes [piano and voice?]
  • You Were My Sweetheart [voice and piano]