Charles Edward Mayhew – Gaylord Music Library Special Collections


Biographical Sketch

Charles Edward Mayhew (d. 1951, St. Louis) was a prominent vocal teacher in St. Louis. Mayhew was born in England and came to America with his parents when he was sixteen. Early in his career he taught voice in Worcester, MA part-time. Mayhew also had connections with the Pennsylvania College for Women, Pittsburgh, PA and the Western College for Women, Oxford, OH. The Gaylord Music Library purchased his library books and scores collection in 1951 and his manuscripts in 1964.

Finding list of the Charles Edward Mayhew Archive

(prepared 6/19/96)

Contained in Miscellaneous Archive Box : Series I – III

Series I: Photographs

  1. (Envelope) Photos of Charles Mayhew: 3-5×6, 1-8×10 autographed “Greetings to Mabel Henderson from Charles Edward Mayhew”
  2. (Envelope) Photos of Emma Kneeland Mayhew: 4×6, 5×6, 6×8, 8×10 autographed “With sincerest love to Mabel, from Emma Mayhew”, 4×6 (matted)

Series II: Writings

  1. (Folder) “Mind and Method In Singing English – A textbook for vocal students”

Series III: Notations

  1. (Envelope) Music notation by Mayhew

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • Absence [voice and piano]
  • Across the Fields of Spring [voice and piano]
  • American Prayer [chorus and organ]
  • An April Hope [voice and piano]
  • Arabian Tribal Rhapsody [male chorus]
  • Arise, Shine [voice and piano]
  • The Best Friend [chorus]
  • Bow of Promise [piano]
  • Click O’ the Latch [chorus]
  • Doors of Clay [voice and piano]
  • Feed My Sheep [voice and piano]
  • Five Songs [voice and piano]
  • Flower in the Crannied Wall [female trio]
  • Fortitude [voice and piano]
  • God is Love [chorus and piano]
  • Greeting [piano]
  • Hours for Dreams [voice and piano]
  • I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes [voice and piano]
  • Lament for a Kitten [voice and piano]
  • Leafy Moonlight [voice and piano]
  • The Lord is my Shepherd [voice and piano]
  • Maytime [voice and piano]
  • Mercy [voice and piano]
  • Mirage — Offertory for Organ [organ]
  • More Love to Thee [voice and piano]
  • A Mother’s Love [voice and piano]
  • The Ninetieth Psalm [voice and piano]
  • O Hush Thee, My Baby [voice and piano]
  • O Love Divine [chorus and piano]
  • The Oak [voice and piano]
  • Pal of my Heart [voice and piano]
  • Passing Notes [piano]
  • Religious Songs, Book 1 – 4 [piano; voice and piano]
  • Poinsettia Pulcherrima [voice and piano]
  • A Prayer for Those at Sea [chorus and piano]
  • Prayer of Repentance [voice and piano]
  • Rimes Royal — Two Songs for Medium Voice [voice and piano]
  • The Sabbath [voice and piano]
  • Secular Songs, Book 2 – 37 [voice and piano]
  • Song — Offertory for Organ [organ]
  • Songs [voice and piano]
  • Spiral Music Book #1 – 23 [piano (organ?)]
  • A Sprig of Rosemary [voice and piano]
  • The Thankful Heart [voice and piano]
  • Three Songs [voice and piano]
  • Threnody [voice and piano]
  • Throughout All Time [voice and piano]
  • To America [chorus]
  • Twinkling Stars — Offertory for Organ [organ]
  • Two Songs [voice and piano]
  • Vocal Works [voice and piano]
  • The Voice of Freedom [voice and piano]
  • Walk Lightly, Spring [voice and piano]
  • When the Flag Goes By [voice and piano]