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Biographical Sketch

Anna May Lowenstein Nussbaum (b. 1882?; d. Feb. 23, 1973) received her first general instruction from Charles Richter in Vienna and then two years later with Maria Angeoli in Milan. She also studied with Miro Delamotta, Gwilym Miles, Pedro Luis Ogazon and H. B. Maginn in St. Louis. Mrs. Nussbaum was actively involved in auditing singers for the Atwater Kent annual prizes aimed at discovering talent for the National Broadcasting Company and affiliated chains radio stations. She also founded the Mel-Harmonic Musical Club and maintained a studio in the Musical Arts Building located at Olive Street and Boyle Avenue.

Washington University Music Department received a substantial bequest from her estate in 1973 for scholarships and general purposes.

Finding list of the Anna May Loewenstein Nussbaum Archive

1 Box : Series I – IX

Series I: Portraits

  1. (Envelope) Small and wallet size photos of Anna May, with Frederick(husband), Annie(daughter), and with others. (also several negatives of these pictures)
  2. (Envelope) Photo of Anna May teaching a student 7 photos of The Mel-Harmonic Club (Mrs. Nussbaum, Director) dating between 1938-1942
  3. (Envelope) 7-8×10’s of various people (presumed students of Nussbaum), including Miss Pierlord and Clyde Franklyn Kelly
  4. (Envelope) 3 sketches of Mrs. Nussbaum

Series II: Writings

  1. (Envelope) 5 typewritten copes of “The Art of Accompanying” by Anna May L. Nussbaum

Series III: Works

  1. (Envelope) Silver Salutation (March) (c) 1895 by Anna May Loewenstein, published by Thiebes-Stierlin Music Co. (10 copies) The Leaf and The Wind (c) 1906 by Anna May Loewenstein, published by Balmer and Weber

Series IV: Correspondence

  1. (Envelope) Various correspondence to and from the Nussbaums dating between 1896 and 1968

Series V: Programs and Brochures

  1. (Envelope) Various programs and brochures about Mrs. Nussbaum, her students and The Mel-Harmonic Club

Series VI: Articles

  1. (Envelope) Articles concerning Mrs. Nussbaum, her students, or The Mel-Harmonic Club of St. Louis

Series VII: Publications

  1. (Envelope)
    • The Censor Vol XXXV No 26 Sept 25, 1930
    • The Censor Vol XLII No 22 August 26, 1937
    • The Censor Vol XLVII No 39 December 17, 1942
    • The Coronadian October, 1932
    • The Mirror Vol XV No 2 February 23, 1905
    • Musical America Vol XLV No 3 November 6, 1926 (2 copies)
    • Musical America Vol 47 No 13 January 14, 1928
    • Music News November 12, 1926 (2 copies)
    • Zonta Song, Saint Louis, Missouri, 1939
    • Beethoven 1770-1827 (typescript)

Series VIII: Business Documents

  1. (Folder) Many enrollment forms for the Atwater Kent Local Audition

Series IX: Building Plans

  1. (Envelope) Building plans for the auditorium at Maryville College of the Sacred Heart

List of manuscripts

Note: Manuscript titles are transcribed from the items themselves and are not necessarily consistent throughout the list.

  • As the Rose [piano and voice (or violin obbligato)]
  • Barcarolle [piano]
  • The Birds of the Air are Singing [voice and piano]
  • Come Along [voice and piano]
  • Daisy Green [voice and piano]
  • The Dream Maid [voice and piano]
  • Dreamy Time Waltz [voice and orchestra]
  • Food Brigade Chorus [voice and piano]
  • Give Love [voice and piano]
  • Good Bye, Dear [voice and piano]
  • I Cannot Do Without You [voice and piano]
  • I Know Not Why [orchestra]
  • In A Garden Fair [voice and piano]
  • In Little Feet of Silver [voice and piano]
  • Leaf and The Wind [orchestra]
  • The Leaf and The Wind [voice and piano].
  • Live For Today [voice]
  • Missouri [voice and piano]
  • The Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Above [voice]
  • Oh Come Now, I’m The Loving Kid [vocal duet and piano]
  • Solo by Livingston [voice and piano]
  • Spring [voice and piano]
  • Take Me To The Beach [voice and piano]
  • A La Valse [orchestra]
  • Waltz [4 violins]
  • Waltz [orchestra]
  • We Don’t Do This Because We Have To [voice and piano]
  • Zonta-Song [voice and piano]