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The Gaylord Music Library Special Collections Music Manuscript Collection contains more than 2500 items originated with Ernst C. Krohn and came to this library with the purchase of his library in 1966. Included among the gems of that group are a contemporary copyist’s manuscript of a J.S. Bach chorale prelude and a holograph of Edward MacDowell’s op. 62 no. 1. The more significant additions to it since that time have been from the pens of Lewis B. Hilton (professor emeritus in music education of the W.U. Music Department), Jack Holland (trumpeter in the KMOX-CBS Radio studio orchestra and teacher), Anna May Loewenstein Nussbaum (St. Louis musician whose family gave a W.U. music department scholarship/travel grant in her name), Paul Amadeus Pisk (disciple of Arnold Schönberg and visiting professor of music at W.U. from 1963-1972), Ronald Stein (W.U. alumnus and Hollywood composer) and Paul Tietjens (Broadway composer from St. Louis whose family gave the W.U. Music Studio building named for him) as well as the collection assembled by Leslie Chabay [Laszlo Csabay] (late head of the W.U. Music Department voice faculty). This last group is notable for the inclusion of eight items by Hajdu Mihály, some among others dedicated to Chabay [Csabay].

Access to this collection, now housed in the Special Collections Room, has been made easier through the construction of a computer database by Karin Di Bella. The database has an entry for every item in the collection. Anonymous and collective manuscripts are alphabetized by title with those of known authorship. It is anticipated that the database ultimately will be mounted on this Web page. Until that occurs, it may be consulted by special arrangement with the Music Library staff.

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