Donating to the Gaylord Music Library


The Gaylord Music Library is grateful for the support received through gifts and donations. The Music Library is happy to receive materials in good condition suitable for student use. Materials that are not needed for the collection are regularly offered to music students for their own personal use.

Rare and unique music materials are particularly welcome as well. These materials will likely become part of the Gaylord Music Library Special Collections. Of particular interest are St. Louis (and regional) music publications/recordings as well as materials by well-known area composers and performers.

Making a Gift
If you are interested in making a gift of material to The Gaylord Music Library, please first contact by telephone, U.S. mail, fax, or electronic mail the Music Librarian. Providing a description and/or listing of the item(s) or collection under consideration is very helpful. Information on quantity and condition of material is useful. For printed items, providing us with the author, title, date, publisher or printer, and place of publication is also helpful.

Please send information to:
Brad Short, Music Librarian
Gaylord Music Library

Mailing address:
Campus Box 1061
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Street address:
6500 Forsyth Blvd.
Clayton, MO 63105

Voice: (314) 935-5529

Physical Transfer of Materials and Transfer of Ownership
If you and a member of the Library’s collecting staff determine that the Library is the best place for your item(s) or collection, the Library will arrange for delivery of the material to the Gaylord Music Library. Staff members may pack and pick up the material, or request that you pack and send it by U.S. Mail, FedEx, or UPS. Include a brief inventory of the materials being sent, and notify us before making a shipment so that we may be prepared to receive it. Shipments should be made to the following address, as appropriate:

Gaylord Music Library
Washington University in St. Louis
Campus Box 1061
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis MO 63130

A gift agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the donation will be drafted and sent to you for your approval and signature. Our online version can be used as is or customized to suit donors’ needs. Upon the receipt of material by Washington University, we will send you a letter acknowledging your gift. The acknowledgement letter or the signed gift agreement is the instrument by which legal ownership is transferred from you to the Gaylord Music Library.

Sample Deed of Gift

Appraisals and Tax Deductions
It is often advantageous to the donor to use a gift of materials to the library as a tax deduction. Please contact your tax advisor to see if your gift requires special IRS forms. If the gift is to be used for tax purposes, often an appraisal is required. The library, being the beneficiary, cannot serve as the appraiser of a gift it is to receive. For a list of local appraisers, please consult your tax advisor or contact the Music Librarian.

For more on gift agreements in general, see the Society of American Archivists brochure “A Guide to Deeds of Gift.”