Gaylord Music Library Maps & Location

gaylord-exteriorThe Gaylord Music Library is located across Forsyth Blvd. from the main campus just east of the Music Department complex. Gaylord serves the music information needs of the Washington University community as part of the Olin Library System. The music library began in 1947 serving the teaching needs of the Music Department and was then located in Blewett Hall.

The Music Library honors General Clifford A. Gaylord who was, until his death in 1952, a member of the Washington University Corporation. With the completion of the Gaylord building in 1960, the music library found a new home and has since developed into a major resource supporting research through master’s and doctoral level programs.


Gaylord Music Library – Main Floor




















Gaylord Music Library – Mezzanine






















Gaylord Music Library – Basement













Gaylord Music Library – Technology Resource Map