I19: Geological Survey

I 19.1 Annual Financial Report (MF) (EL)
I 19.2 General Publications
I 19.3 Bulletins (P) (EL)
I 19.3/3 Water Resources Bulletins
I 19.4/2 Circulars (numbered) (P)
I 19.4/4 Annual Report on Alaska’s Mineral Resources (annual) (P)
I 19.4/6 Catalogue of U.S. Geological Survey Strong-Motion Records (annual) (P)
I 19.4/8 Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska ( annual) (EL)
I 19.4/9 Estimated Use of Water in the United States (quinquennial) (P)
I 19.13 Water-Supply Papers (P) (EL)
I 19.13/3 National Water Summary (annual) (P)
I 19.14 Publications of the Geological Survey (annual) (P)
I 19.14/2 Bibliographies and Lists of Publications (P)
I 19.14/4-2 New Publications of Geological Survey (List) (monthly) (EL)
I 19.15/3 Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
I19.15/5 Techniques of Water Resources Investigations (MF)
I 19.16 Professional Papers (P)
I 19.16/2 Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) (CD-ROM) (EL)
I 19.41/6-2 Map List (P)
I 19.41/6-3 Index to Topographic and Other Map Coverage (P)
I 19.41/7 List of Geological Survey Geologic and Water-Supply Reports and Maps for (various states) (P)
I 19.42 National Water Conditions, Stream Flow During… (EL)
I 19.42/4 Water Resources Investigations (numbered) (P) (EL)
I 19.42/4-4 Scientific Investigations Reports (series) (P) (EL)
I 19.42/7 Water-Resources Abstracts (Database) (EL)
I 19.53/2 Water Resources Data for Outlying Areas (MF) (EL)
I 19.53/5 Water-resources Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in (various states) (P) (MF)
I 19.55/3 Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, Status of Idaho Projects (biennial) (MF)
I 19.55/5 Water Resources Activities in Illinois (annual) (MF)
I 19.55/6 Index of Current Water Resources Activities, Ohio (annual) (MF)
I 19.55/7 Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Division, Hawaii District (MF)
I 19.55/8 Water Resources Update. Illinois District Newsletter (semiannual) (EL)
I 19.55/9 Water Resources Update. New Hampshire-Vermont District Newsletter (EL)
I 19.56 River Basins of the U.S. (P)
I 19.61 Journal of Research
I 19.65 Earthquake Information Bulletins
I 19.65/2 United States Earthquakes (annual) (P)
I 19.66 Preliminary Determination of Epicenters (monthly) (EL) (MF)
I 19.74 Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI) Summary of Meetings (EL)
I 19.76 Open File Reports (MF) (CD-ROM) ( Diskettes) (EL)
I 19.76/1 Results of the U.S. Geological Survey’s analytical evaluation program for standard reference samples distributed (semiannual) (EL)
I 19.76/2 Publications of the Western Earth Surface Processing Team (annual) (EL)
I 19.76/3 Water levels in the Yucca Mountain Area (MF) (irregular)
I 19.76/4 Water-Quality and Lake-Stage Data for Wisconsin Lakes (MF) (irregular)
I 19.79 Maps and Posters (P)
I 19.80 National Mapping Program (series) (P)
I 19.81 7.5′ Series (P)
I 19.81/2 1:63 360 Series (Alaska) (P)
I 19.81/3 Color Image Maps (Arizona) (P)
I 19.84 Telephone Directory (by region) (MF)
I 19.89 Hydrologic Investigations Atlases – HA (P)
I 19.89/2 Hydrologic Unit Map (P)
I 19.91 Geologic Investigations – I (P)
I 19.114 Water Fact Sheet (P)
I 19.115/3 Mineral Resources Newsletter (quarterly) (MF)
I 19.115/4 FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) Newsletter (irregular) (EL)
I 19.118 Water Data Coordination Directory (annual) (MF)
I 19.120 Electronic Products (misc.) (E)
I 19.120/2 USGS/NGIC Geomagnetic Observatory Data (annual) (CD-ROM) (P)
I 19.120/3 Conterminous U.S. AVHRR Biweekly Composites (CD-ROM)
I 19.120/4 Minerals and Materials Information (CD-ROM)
I 19.121 Digital Data Series (irregular) (CD-ROM)
I 19.123 United States: Base Maps (various scales)
I 19.125 Water Logs (quarterly) (EL)
I 19.127 Fact Sheet (series) (P) (EL)
I 19.165 Minerals Yearbook (P) (EL)