East Asian Library Special Collections: Robert S. Elegant Collection

The Robert S. Elegant Collection contains primarily the assorted files of news releases from the Associated Press and others. It also contains some clippings of Hong Kong newspapers and magazines, and transcripts from the news broadcasts of some China’s radio stations as well as open reel audio tapes. It covers the period of the Chinese Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1971. Most of them are in English. The collection was donated in 1976 by Mr. Robert S. Elegant, former head of the Los Angeles Times bureau in Hong Kong.

Files are in four file cabinets (16 drawers) located in the Special Collection room, including following subjects:
Agriculture, CCP, Central [government], Culture, Economic, Education, General China, Health, Hong Kong, Industry, Mass Indoctrination, Military, Organizations/Groups/Committees, Propaganda, Provinces/Domestic, Sino-[foreign]Relations, US-Foreign plicy, US-Canbodia, North Vietnam, and others.

Open reel audio tapes are placed in the storage room (14 boxes). They’re Chinese local radio recordings and in poor conditions.

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