East Asian Library Special Collections: Thomas Temple Hoopes Collection

Late Thomas Temple Hoopes was a curator at the St. Louis Art Museum from 1936 to 1964 until his retirement. His widow Catherine S. Hoopes donated her husband’s collection of various materials on Japanese and Chinese art, history, languages and literature and Japanese arms and armors to Washington University Libraries in 1981.

East Asian Library’s special holdings include a part of the Hoopes collection, which are mainly about Japanese armors and arms, especially swords, written in Japanese, Chinese, German, and French language, and published in 1905 and after. There are also several microfilms, artifact such as cast, and hand-made card dictionary, etc. Monographic items are searchable through the Library’s OPAC, and archival materials are searchable on a finding aid Thomas Hoopes Collection finding aid (Excel) or Thomas Hoopes Collection finding aid (PDF).

Monographic items in the donated collection are also housed in East Asian Library’s general stack, Olin Library, and Art & Architecture Library, which are searchable through the OPAC. These special holdings are in our locked special collection room to which access is limited between 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. Please contact one of the staff members at East Asian Library to access the special collection room and for details about the Hoopes collection.