Two New Spanish Literature Journal Subscriptions

Bulletin of Spanish Studies, which was founded in Liverpool in 1923 by the influential British Hispanist E. Allison Peers, the Bulletin of Spanish Studiesis a learned review dedicated to research into the languages, literature, histories, and civilizations of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Also known as the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (1949–2001), the Bulletin of Spanish Studies soon established an international reputation and is now recognized worldwide as one of the front-ranking journals in the field of Hispanic scholarship.

formerly Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

formerly Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

  • Access will be made available via the library catalog and off-campus within a few weeks.
  • Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies, which is also produced by Liverpool University Press. It publishes articles, review-articles on genres and periods concerned with the visual cultures of both the Old and the New Worlds of Hispanic cultures and civilizations.

A few of our faculty and graduates have published in both of these journals.  Here are a few recent highlights from WUSTL  and please do let me know of any more.



WUSTL publications from recent years in these two new Journal Subscriptions:

  • Tabea Alexa Linhard (2017) ‘Our Clown’: European Memory and Sentimental Nationality in Charlie Rivel’s Unexpected Itinerary, Bulletin of Spanish Studies,94:1, 91-110, DOI: 10.1080/14753820.2016.1212803
  • Javier García Liendo (2017) La circulación de lo impreso: públicos y publicidad en el semanario Marcha, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 94:5, 871-889, DOI: 10.1080/14753820.2017.1314639

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Daria is a subject librarian for Romance Languages & Literatures, Latin American Studies, and Linguistics at Washington University in St. Louis.