The WWI Diary of Captain Levi H. Fuson of Base Hospital 21

From Missouri Over There: Exploring Missouri’s Role in WWI:

“In 1915, Levi H. Fuson was one of 29 to graduate from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Of the 29 graduates, 24 went on to serve in World War I as commissioned medical officers. Fuson was the only member of his class to serve with Base Hospital 21.  The Base Hospital was founded and staffed by Washington University,  and was one of six base hospitals that were selected for mobilization by the U.S. Government to support the British troops. Fuson’s papers, which detail his experiences while serving with Base Hospital 21, have been recently digitized …” [continue reading]

Missouri and the Great War

Also check out our guide to collections at University Archives and the WU Libraries that document events in St. Louis and Washington University’s connections to the Great War (World War I ).  Topics include home-front activities, military involvement, Red Cross programs, and the 1918 Influenza pandemic.

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