The Open Collection—TOC04: Concrète

Futura issue number 24, programmed squares

Schmidt, Peter. Programmed Squares 11. 1968. [Stuttgart]. Futura, no.24. Edition Hansjörg Mayer.


The Open Collection – TOC04: Concrète

The fourth edition of The Open Collection—TOC04: Concrète—explores the materiality of language through works in the collection from the international concrete poetry movement of the late 1950s and 1960s. Both an art and literary form, concrete poetry uses reduced language as material, such as word fragments, colors, typefaces, graphics or shapes, arranged spatially to create a composition that can be perceived immediately and simultaneously as a whole, like a painting, rather than read. Featured poems include those by the leading practitioners, Augusto de Campos, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan and others by Dieter Roth, Pierre Garnier and Dan Graham.

The Open Collection is an exhibit series that looks to unearth and display a curated selection from the Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library Special Collections. TOC is a collaborative curatorial project of Jesse Vogler, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, and Jennifer Akins, Subject Librarian for Art and Architecture.

Where: Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library

When: Through May 31, 2019  | Hours

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