The Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies

encyclopedia postcolonialExplore the Library’s new online purchase of The Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies, a 3-volume collection which includes nearly 400 entries on canonical writers, key texts, genres, literary debates, colonized regions, and related terminology – spanning the period from 1492 to the present day. Publishers boast that entries cover the gamut from Columbus to China; writers from Las Casas to Gayatri Spivak; and topics of emerging significance, such as environmentalism, electronic mass media, and the transnational social justice movement. Indeed, discover the entry about Brazil’s leading writer Mário Raul de Morais Andrade or an entry about Architecture and Urban Studies in Southeast Asia. There are some distantly related linguistics entries as in the entry on linguistic autonomy and the language politics of translations.

Also Washington University’s own Professor Sánchez Prado has two entries in this Encyclopedia set:
• Latin American Literature, Criticism and Theory

Latin American Literature of the Twentieth Century

All entries include a bibliography and further reading suggestions.

About the author

Daria is a subject librarian for Romance Languages & Literatures, Latin American Studies, and Linguistics at Washington University in St. Louis.