Tell Us How We’re Doing

In the fall of 2013, WU Libraries asked what users thought about library services, spaces, and collections — and responded accordingly to the helpful feedback received. The significant expansion of open hours at Olin Library is just one example of many improvements made as a result of past surveys. Now, three years later, it’s that time again — to gather student input to guide future effortsTake our survey!.

Library staff members are always eager to hear from users, but the survey is an especially important opportunity to share one’s thoughts on specific aspects of the Libraries. It only takes about 10 minutes to fill out.

“Students don’t always realize what a powerful voice the survey gives them,” says Carol Mollman, assessment coordinator. “We received over a thousand comments on the last survey, which translated into big changes. For instance, Olin Library is now open 24/7, furniture was updated, and WiFi coverage was expanded, to name a few.”

To take the survey, check for our email or simply click here.

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