Technology, literature, and digital culture in Latin America–NEW eBOOK

tecnologylitTechnology, literature, and digital culture in Latin America : mediatized sensibilities in a globalized era / edited by Matthew Bush and Tania Gentic. New York, NY : Routledge, 2016.

CONTENTS: Introduction: mediatized sensibilities in a globalized era / Tania Gentic and Matthew Bush — Media ecstacy, La tia Julia y el escribidor and the unbearable glare of porno-graphy / Sara Castro-Klaren — Into the screen: inhabiting media with Mario Levrero / Matthew Bush — A farewell to the future: discursive and visual representations of science and technology in Argentinian culture / Silva G. Kurlat Ares — Googling McOndo: papered multimedia and the aesthetics of reading with internet / J. Andrew Brown — Of loves and crimes: novel, film, hypertext / Stefano Tedeschi — The telltale computer: obsolescence and nostalgia in Chile after Alejandro Zambra / Héctor Hoyos — Declassifying the archive: the bombardment of La Moneda palace and the political economy of the image / César Barros A. — Poetry in the age of digital reproduction / Daniel Link — Holographic Buenos Aires: urban memory and new technologies of envisioning / Rebecca E. Biron — Variations of “Frida”: Graciela Iturbide, Mario Bellatin, and La Chica Boom / Ángeles Donoso Macaya — Latin American game design and the narrative tradition / Phillip Penix-Tadsen — The aesthetics of keyboard shortcuts / Craig Epplin — How to be a primitive in the technological era / Graciela Montaldo — Afterword: Mario Bellatin’s writing machines / Edmundo Paz Soldán.

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Brian Vetruba is Germanic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature, and European Studies Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis