Take a Trip to the United Kingdom

After last week’s referendum, it turns out that the United Kingdom will indeed stay united … at least for the time being.  Take an illustrated trip with Modern Graphic History Library to jolly ol’ England and the rest of the UK.


by Robert Andrew Parker, date unknown

You will want to get a British car in order to get about town, plus all those round-abouts.

mghl_uk 2

by Rene Bouché, Holiday, April 1957

While you are there, you can catch a cricket game (while drinking French-imported vermouth).

mghl_uk 3

by unknown artist, Holiday, September 1957

You can sample all the unique British food …

mghl_uk 4

by Robert Andrew Parker, TWA Ambassador, October 1984

Although you may need a dictionary to figure out what you are eating.

mghl_uk 5

by Robert Andrew Parker, TWA Ambassador, October 1984

British food no longer has its bad reputation.

mghl_uk 6

by Robert Andrew Parker, TWA Ambassador, October 1984

But on the chance you end up dining with royalty, it’s best not to talk about the subject.

mghl_uk 7

by Robert Andrew Parker, TWA Ambassador, October 1984

You can venture up to Scotland, wear a kilt, and hike through the woods.  You never know what you might find.

mghl_uk 8

draft illustration by Robert Andrew Parker  for Cold Feet, a Scottish ghost story about a bagpiper who takes the boots from a deceased man he finds in the woods, published in 2000

After the hike in the Scottish woods, it might be best to come back home.

mghl_uk 9

by unknown artist, Holiday, February 1957

Where you can drink British-imported gin at a less expensive price.

mghl_uk 10

by unknown artist, Holiday, March 1956



The Robert Andrew Parker images are from the Robert Andrew Parker Collection.

The advertisements are from the Periodicals Collection.

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Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.