WU History

Ever Wonder?

By Karisa Tavassoli, WU Class 2016 on May 28, 2015

Ever wonder about the gorgeous red bricks that make up WashU’s buildings? Here is an excerpt from architect James Jamieson’s Intimate History of the Campus and Buildings of Washington University in St. Louis that discusses where they came from: “Much discussion took place regarding the materials ...

May 6, 1970

By Miranda Rectenwald on May 6, 2015

May 2015 marks an important anniversary in the history of America’s war in Viet Nam, and the counterculture protests that occurred across the United States, and especially on college campuses — including the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. This image (below) of four stud...

Lightining and Trees and Buildings Oh My!

By Karisa Tavassoli (WU Class 2016) on April 22, 2015

Lightning destruction was not too uncommon throughout the University’s history. On several different occasions, campus buildings were directly hit by lighting and damaged pretty badly. A tower of Graham Chapel was shattered twice, one of the library towers was ruined, a chimney of the Lee d...

The Flag of W.U.

By Karisa Tavassoli (WU Class 2016) on March 31, 2015

And now I say that by more than fifty years of growth Washington University has earned the right to her magnificent housing. She has earned her right to fly her flag- not as an empty sign, but as her emblem, full of thrilling meaning to each one of us who are bound to her by […]

Why Ms. Ernst is a Boss

By Karisa Tavassoli, WU Class of 2016 on January 7, 2015

Ms. Lillie Rose Ernst graduated cum laude from Washington University in 1892. She went from being one of the first women to graduate from Wash.U. to a very influential woman within the University and throughout St. Louis. Image right: Portrait of Ms. Ernst (Collection of Photographs of Unusual Fo...

Football 1914

By Miranda Rectenwald on November 26, 2014

Washington vs Saint Louis University One-hundred years ago on Francis Field Visible in the background are the (then) brand-new Francis Field Gates, installed the previous spring.   At this time, WU teams were known as the “Pikers.”   They would not be renamed the “Bears” u...

A Woman to be Celebrated: Edna Gellhorn

By Karisa Tavassoli, WU Class of 2016 on November 12, 2014

Edna Fischel Gellhorn (1878-1970) worked as an active member of the Women’s Central Committee on Food Conservation, Consumer’s Milk Commission, Smoke Elimination Committee, American Association of University Women, United Nations Association, the National Municipal League, St. Louis U...

Socio-Economic Diversity at WashU

By Karisa Tavassoli, WU Class of 2016 on October 15, 2014

At the 1905 Annual Banquet,  Alumni Association President Beebe said, “When I was ready for college I was free to go anywhere. I chose Washington University and I have never regretted my choice. I believe that a Western man should go to a Western school if he would be in sympathy with the West. W...

SUMMER PROJECT ’64: Joyce Ladner

By Miranda Rectenwald on October 1, 2014

In fall 1964 the Washington University Magazine interviewed then graduate student Joyce Ladner about her involvement and perspectives on the civil rights movement.  While at Washington University Ladner completed her Ph.D. (1968), before launching into her career as professor, author, and civil r...

Campus Now &Then: Brookings Hall

By Miranda Rectenwald on September 22, 2014

Campus Then: Brookings Hall (then called University Hall) under construction on September 22, 1900: Campus Now: Brookings Hall 114 years later, via live web-cam (You need an iframes capable browser to view this content.)