Walt Reed Illustration Archive

A Very Esquire Christmas

By Andrea Degener on December 23, 2016

Esquire Magazine’s Christmas issue, published in December 1943, contains a wide variety of articles (everything from political to camp) interspersed with foldout pinups by Vargas in addition to numerous photography pieces and advertisements. One of the political pieces in this issue are the...

Between the Lines: The Illustrations of Frederic Varady

By Andrea Degener on December 1, 2016

Frederic Varady (1908-2002) had a distinctive style later in his career. When browsing through the Varady tear sheets in the Walt Reed Illustration Archive, it was interesting to see how his style evolved throughout his career. His illustrations from the 1940s appear to be the typical two-color i...

Norman Rockwell and Race: Complicating Rockwell’s Legacy

By Abisola Jegede on November 22, 2016

If you were to ask someone today what they think of when they hear “Norman Rockwell”, their answer will most likely involve simplicity, sentimentality, and “traditional” American values. They might even mention his highly famous “Thanksgiving picture” (more formally known as “Fr...

Political Cartoons of 1908 and 1912

By Maria Dorfman on November 7, 2016

With the 2016 presidential election so rapidly approaching, it seems only fitting to look back at past elections for insight and perspective. The political cartoons of the 1908 and 1912 presidential campaigns are particularly illuminating, as they so clearly depict the same shifting balances of p...

Fendi Loves Kay Nielsen (and so do we!)

By l.sylvander on September 28, 2016

One glance at Kay Nielsen’s infectiously whimsical illustrations and you know they were meant to be brought to life. Luckily, Karl Lagerfeld did just that for the Fendi Fall 2016/Winter 2017 Haute Couture collection. The show this past July featured a number of modern-day princesses (Bella ...

Black and White: Shaw and Farleigh’s Perfect Mirroring in Text and Woodcuts

By l.sylvander on September 14, 2016

Bernard Shaw’s The Adventures of the Black Girl in her Search for God pairs stark woodcuts with harsh irony and fierce agnosticism. This text, whose critique of major religions caused enough outcry to sponsor five reprints, offers unprecedented texture to religious critique, race relations ...

What’s Happening at MGHL: The Walt Reed Collection

By Andrea Degener on March 29, 2016

Last week, MGHL staff were busy unpacking and sorting several shipments that will be processed as part of the Walt Reed Collection. The shipment contained a variety of items relating to illustration throughout the twentieth century from Illustration House in New York. We received a variety of pho...

Research at MGHL

By Andrea Degener on March 1, 2016

The materials at the Modern Graphic History Library serve a diverse research interest. Since the start of 2016, MGHL has already a number of distinct research requests. Materials have been pulled from numerous collections, some of which include the Al Parker, Chwast, Firecracker Press, Robert And...

Life Magazine during the Jazz Age

By Andrea Degener on January 29, 2016

The most recent Modern Graphic History Library exhibit, Jazz Age Illustration, features several illustrations from Life magazine. The  publication had its heyday in during the 1920s before eventually being overcome by the Great Depression. Before Life was bought by Time, Inc. the publication fost...

CLIR Grant: Week Three

By Andrea Degener on January 22, 2016

This last week of packing tear sheets for the CLIR Grant has been a busy one. Thankfully we had a lot of help and were able to pack five pallets of tear sheets from the Walt Reed Illustration Archive. Below are some of the highlights from this final week of packing. We had to pull […]