Physics Journals

Knowable Magazine

By Alison Verbeck on July 12, 2019

What is known? What isn’t known? Knowable Magazine, the digital publication from Annual Reviews, seeks to make that knowledge accessible to all. Knowable Magazine explores the real-world significance of scholarly work through a journalistic lens. It reports on the current state of play across a w...

The war to free science

By Alison Verbeck on June 12, 2019

An interesting article from on the University of California system cancelling their Elsevier subscriptions:

AAS Journals

By Alison Verbeck on May 14, 2019

Starting on Monday, June 3rd, the AAS journals will begin asking authors to categorize articles with concepts from the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT), instead of terms from the astronomy subject keyword system. Read the full AAS announcement to learn more about this change: https://journals.aa...

Physical Review Research

By Alison Verbeck on March 8, 2019

APS has announced the newest title in its portfolio of peer-reviewed journals—Physical Review Research (PRResearch). The publication will be fully open access and cover the whole spectrum of research topics of interest to the physics community, including interdisciplinary and newly emerging areas...

Stephen Hawking’s Multiverse

By Alison Verbeck on May 30, 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking’s final research paper was submitted to the Journal of High-Energy Physics ten days before he died on March 14, 2018.  In the paper, “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation?“, Hawking and his co-author Thomas Hertog present a new multiverse theory with th...

New BrowZine Web Features

By Alison Verbeck on May 30, 2018

Now you can share an article with a colleague through BrowZine.  Under the Share option in BrowZine Web, users may click “Copy Link to Article.” With these links, BrowZine automatically routes to the correct source.  If the user is off campus or even affiliated with another institutio...

APS Archive Collection- NEW DATABASE

By Joy on April 19, 2018

APS Archive Collection: The American Physical Society (APS) is a nonprofit membership organization formed to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics.  The archive provides perpetual access to all of the high-quality research published in the APS Physical Review collection since 1893.  The Ar...

Physics Physique физика

By Alison Verbeck on March 26, 2018

The American Physical Society has made the small journal Physics Physique физика freely available online. The journal published fewer than 100 articles during the period 1964-1968 in four volumes. In their Editorial Foreword, founding editors P. W. Anderson and B. T. Matthias explain that the exp...


By Alison Verbeck on March 26, 2018

An interesting article about SCOAP3 Converting the Literature of a Scientific Field to Open Access Through Global Collaboration: the Experience of SCOAP3 in Particle Physics Only a few know that CERN also hosts the world largest Open Access initiative: SCOAP3. The Sponsoring Consortium for Open A...