Summer Institute in Papyrology

By Joel Minor on October 2, 2018

From the Chair of Classics, Dr. Catherine Keane: The 2018 Summer Institute in Papyrology (SIP), organized by the American Society of Papyrologists (ASP) and held in Olin Library Special Collections, represents a lasting investment in our important collection of papyri from Egypt. The papyri colle...

Newman Tower Exhibits: Forms of the Book

By Rose Miyatsu on May 4, 2018

What makes a book a book? Does it have to have lines of text that you read from left to right or right to left? Does it have to be bound with pages and a cover? How does the form of the text influence the way you read it? These are questions that we hope […]

Working With Special Collections: Meet Phillip Caprara

By Rose Miyatsu on December 7, 2017

When Phillip Caprara, a current doctoral student in Washington University in St. Louis’s Classics department, first saw the university’s collection of over 400 papyri fragments, he could immediately tell that it needed some care, and he was just the person to provide it. This collecti...


Highlighting Washington University’s Papyri Collection

By Rose Miyatsu on December 5, 2017

Although Washington University’s Manuscripts Collections are perhaps best known for their extensive Modern Literature Collection holdings from the 20th century, their oldest collections date back over two millennia. Some of the most ancient manuscripts you can find at Washington University ...