Malcolm X: Make it Plain

Highlighting Author and Activist Maya Angelou

By Rose Miyatsu on March 22, 2018

“While you’re in this fabulous institution, Washington University, I would encourage all of you – black and white, Asians and Hispanics, native Americans – to avail yourselves of the library. Study…learn some of the black American literature. It will stand you in good stead in years to come.” –Ma...

Malcolm X: Make It Plain

By Alison Carrick on February 21, 2018

Malcolm X was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom fifty-three years ago on February 21, 1965. In 1994, Blackside, Inc. and ROJA Productions produced a full length biography of his life for American Masters. Many of the film materials created or gathered for this production are held by the Washin...

New Malcolm X Documentary Features Footage from Washington University Archives

By Rose Miyatsu on February 20, 2018

This February 26th, the Smithsonian Channel will be airing a new documentary about civil rights leader Malcolm X, the charismatic spokesperson of Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam. The documentary, titled The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X , is part of the Smithsonian Channel’s Lost Tapes series and highl...