Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Transportation Innovations at the St. Louis World’s Fair

By Rose Miyatsu on April 10, 2018

On April 30th, 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, also known as the St. Louis World’s Fair, officially opened its gates to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the historic Louisiana Purchase. Over the six months of the fair, over 19.7 million people from more than 60 countries would atten...

Audio Files Added to WU Libraries’ Online Sheet Music Exhibit

By Julie Hale on February 3, 2017

The Gaylord Music Library’s sheet music collection includes a wealth of compositions related to St. Louis’ 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (also known as the St. Louis World Fair). The sounds of the era  came alive on Friday, November 11, 2016, at WU’s 560 Music Center, when WU music students ...

At the Fair: Music from the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition

By ksinger on June 1, 2016

In 1904, all eyes and ears turned to the city of St. Louis, host of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Music publishers in St. Louis and across the United States printed songs and music in all styles inspired by the fair, its exhibits, and its attendees. Hear the sounds of the fair as preserved b...