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ACLU-MO History Spotlight: Liberty in Times of Crisis 

By Miranda Rectenwald on June 1, 2020

Liberty in Times of Crisis A foundational concept of the ACLU since its founding in 1920 has been a particular attention to rights (especially  free speech, rights to assembly, rights to organize, personal privacy) during times of war and national crisis. Two notable moments where individual libe...

Whitehouse with protesters in front carring sign "Mr. President Fee the Scottsboro Boys!"

ACLU-MO Early Years: 1930s

By Miranda Rectenwald on May 13, 2020

The St. Louis Civil Liberties Committee began on May 7, 1920, with about a dozen volunteers, both men and women. For its first decades, the group and its actions remained focused on advocacy and education about civil rights. By 1932, the national ACLU noted that St. Louis was focusing “chie...