Donald Finkel

MLC Book Anniversary: Answer Back

By k.lamb on June 1, 2016

Donald Finkel’s Answer Back   June 1st marks the original publication date of Donald Finkel‘s poetry book Answer Back, which premiered in 1968. Finkel’s book was inspired by his explorations in Mammoth Cave National Park, and each of its sections–“Mummy Valley&#...

Happy Birthday, Mona Van Duyn!

By k.lamb on May 9, 2016

Mona Van Duyn   May 9th marks the 1921 birthday of Mona Van Duyn, world renowned poet, academic, editor and founder of Perspective: A Quarterly of Literature and the Arts, and beloved patron of the arts. Van Duyn has won every major American award for poetry , including the National Book Awa...

Hello and Welcome!

By k.lamb on February 29, 2016

  Welcome to the Modern Literature Collection Blog We are excited to introduce the Modern Literature Collection Blog, a go-to resource for new acquisitions, current projects, and upcoming events related to the Modern Literature Collection, part of  Washington University Libraries’ Depa...