data rescue initiative

Participants Help Preserve Information in DataRescueWU Event

By Ruth Lewis on April 19, 2017

Washington University Libraries and the School of Law Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic hosted a data rescue event for the university community on April 14. Recently, a number of data rescue events have been held nationwide, through the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI) a...

Data Rescue WUSTL

By Alison Verbeck on March 28, 2017

#DataRescueWU is a hackathon focused on preserving at-risk federal data and webpages. All levels of technical experience welcome. It is an opportunity for programmers, scientists, archivists, activists, and volunteers of all kinds to identify, back-up, and help preserve federal data resources. Jo...

WU Libraries host February pilot event on federal digital data rescue

By Ruth Lewis and Karen Olson on March 6, 2017

Digital content from federal departments, agencies, and commissions has increased dramatically in the past twenty years. But these programs can change their focus and even their existence as American agendas shift. Since 2008, the End of Term Web Archive has been working to preserve the content o...