Students Say Thanks to Olin Library Construction Crew

A conversation has been happening between students and members of the Olin Library construction crew, who are hard at work on the Olin Library Transformation project. It all started several weeks ago near the Level 3 Newman Tower construction. A small piece of paper was taped to the atrium glass, facing into the Newman Tower so the workers could read it: “WHAT U DO IS SO IMPORTANT. WE R VERY GR8FUL!!! Love, STUDENTS.”

A couple of weeks later, a larger piece of paper appeared, taped from inside the site and facing the Level 3 study spaces: “We are happy to work on this library transformation. A part of this project is putting a piece of history into this great school. We take pride in what we do. So with every swing of the hammer, tightening of the wrench, welding of the steel, powering up the lights or moving a heavy load. . .We thank you all for your support. Sincerely, Job Site Crew.” Some 25 signatures from the crew followed.

Next came a colorful response with large letters on several pieces of paper: “To the job site crew: We, the students of WashU, want to thank you for both a beautiful note and the hard work you put in each and every day. None of this would be possible without you all, and we can’t thank you enough! –the students.”

It’s great to see these positive, supportive exchanges between students and the crew and to know we’re getting closer each day to the completion of this exciting project.

–Sarah Laaker

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