Still Documenting Ferguson: WU Libraries Offer Resources Related to 2014 Events

The WU Libraries’ efforts to preserve the voices, perspectives, and materials related to Ferguson are ongoing. On the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, we offer new resources and information.


Photo from Documenting Ferguson archive by Shannon Davis

Our new LibGuide spotlights the work of the Regional Collecting Initiative on Ferguson and includes information on the research that’s now taking place. The Regional Collecting Initiative is composed of local institutions that have come together to gather and share artifacts connected to Ferguson. Participating institutions include the Ferguson Municipal Public Library, St. Louis University, the Missouri History Museum, and Washington University.


Photo from Documenting Ferguson archive by Dale Gebhardt

Spearheaded by Digital  Library Services Manager Shannon Davis and former curator Makiba Foster, our Documenting Ferguson digital archive continues to grow. The archive is a free online resource that serves as a repository for photos, videos, and other media generated in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. Contributions to the archive are welcome.



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