Springer Physics and Astronomy eBook Collection

The Physics and Astronomy Springer ebooks package for 2017 has been purchased and is now available. Titles will be added to the WU Catalog.  There are hundreds of titles available in this new collection and the compilations we receive from Springer are slightly delayed.  If you are looking for a book from Springer or a Springer-related publisher, it never hurts to search at http://link.springer.com/search?facet-content-type=”Book”.

The following books are the 2017 Springer eBooks that we now have access to from the Physics and Astronomy eBook Collection.  More will be added each month.

Active Plasmonic Devices
Diana Martín Becerra
Analytical Mechanics
Carl S. Helrich
Applied Physics of External Radiation Exposure
Rodolphe Antoni, Laurent Bourgois
Astroparticle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology
Günter Sigl
Atomic World Spooky? It Ain’t Necessarily So!
Theo van Holten
Biophysics of Skin and Its Treatments
Bharat Bhushan
Characterizing Entanglement and Quantum Correlations Constrained by Symmetry
Jordi Tura i Brugués
Chiral Four-Dimensional Heterotic String Vacua from Covariant Lattices
Florian Beye
Classical Mechanics
Reinhard Hentschke
Combinatorial Perspective on Quantum Field Theory
Karen Yeats
Computational Multiscale Modeling of Fluids and Solids
Martin Oliver Steinhauser
Cosmology Beyond Einstein
Adam Ross Solomon
Janusz A. Holyst
Dynamics and Characterization of Composite Quantum Systems
Manuel Gessner
Dynamics of Glassy, Crystalline and Liquid Ionic Conductors
Junko Habasaki, Carlos Leon, K.L. Ngai
Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Materials
Farzad Nasirpouri
Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere
George M. Simnett
Environmental Radiation Effects on Mammals
Olga A. Smirnova
Euclidean Matching Problem
Gabriele Sicuro
Fermi Surface and Quantum Critical Phenomena of High-Temperature Superconductors
Carsten Matthias Putzke
First Search for the EMC Effect and Nuclear Shadowing in Neutrino Nuclear Deep Inelastic Scattering at MINERvA
Joel Allen Mousseau
Fundamental Astronomy
Hannu Karttunen, Pekka Kröger, Heikki Oja, Markku Poutanen, Karl Johan Donner
Group Representation for Quantum Theory
Masahito Hayashi
Higgs, Supersymmetry and Dark Matter After Run I of the LHC
Béranger Dumont
High Field Plasmonics
Luca Fedeli
Information and Interaction
Ian T. Durham, Dean Rickles
Introduction to Complex Systems
Paul Fieguth
Invention of Time and Space
Patrice F. Dassonville
John Tebbutt
Wayne Orchiston
Lattice Boltzmann Method
Timm Krüger, Halim Kusumaatmaja, Alexandr Kuzmin, Orest Shardt, Goncalo Silva, Erlend Magnus Viggen
Lectures on Matrix Field Theory
Badis Ydri
Lieb-Robinson Bounds for Multi-Commutators and Applications to Response Theory
J.-B. Bru, W. de Siqueira Pedra
Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images
Greg Parker
Maths Meets Myths: Quantitative Approaches to Ancient Narratives
Ralph Kenna, Máirín MacCarron, Pádraig MacCarron
Monte Carlo Methods for Radiation Transport
Oleg N. Vassiliev
Nanoscale Insights into Ion-Beam Cancer Therapy
Andrey V. Solov’yov
New Horizons in Fundamental Physics
Stefan Schramm, Mirko Schäfer
Operando Research in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Joost Frenken, Irene Groot
Optimal Trajectory Tracking of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Jakob Löber
Pillars of Creation
Martin Beech
Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
J. Daniel Kelley, Jacob J. Leventhal
Pseudoscience and Science Fiction
Andrew May
Quantum [Un]Speakables II
Reinhold Bertlmann, Anton Zeilinger
Quantum Information Theory
Masahito Hayashi
Quantum Plasmonics
Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi, Luis Martin-Moreno, Francisco Garcia-Vidal
Quantum-Enhanced Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Frank Schlawin
Recent Trends in Materials and Devices
Vinod Kumar Jain, Sunita Rattan, Abhishek Verma
Resonant X-Ray Scattering in Correlated Systems
Youichi Murakami, Sumio Ishihara
Science Fiction by Scientists
Michael Brotherton
Searching for Dark Matter with the ATLAS Detector
Steven Schramm
Solved Problems in Electromagnetics
Félix Salazar Bloise, Rafael Medina Ferro, Ana Bayón Rojo, Francisco Gascón Latasa
Space, Time and the Limits of Human Understanding
Shyam Wuppuluri, Giancarlo Ghirardi
Spaceports Around the World, A Global Growth Industry
Erik Seedhouse
Statistical Physics
Roberto Piazza
Studies of Pallas in the Early Nineteenth Century
Clifford J. Cunningham
Theoretical Physics 4
Wolfgang Nolting
Theory of Gravitational Interactions
Maurizio Gasperini
Time Machine Tales
Paul J. Nahin
Universal Coefficient Theorem and Quantum Field Theory
Andrei-Tudor Patrascu
Video Astronomy on the Go
Joseph Ashley
What We Know About Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Michael Ashkenazi

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