Special Publications. Geological Society of London- NEW eREFERENCE

Special Publications. Geological Society of London: The Geological Society of London was founded in 1807.  Its aims are to improve knowledge and understanding of the Earth, to promote Earth science education and awareness, and to promote professional excellence and ethical standards in the work of Earth scientists.  It is a world leader in Earth science communications  – through its scholarly publishing, library and information services, cutting-edge scientific conferences, education activities and outreach to the general public. It also provides impartial scientific information and evidence to support policy-making and public debate about the challenges facing humanity.  Special Publications are the Society’s flagship series, renowned throughout the global geoscience community for their high quality of science and production. They represent a state-of-the-art treatment of their subject matter. We have purchased Special Publications Archives I (1964-1996), which contains 2500 articles and over 41,000 pages.

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