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Rare Books Digital Gallery
Explore individual items and images through the gallery, including a ribbon map, a book of hours, and a first edition of Gallileo’s Dialogues.
  Art to Enchant: Illustrators and Shakespeare
A wide range of illustrated editions of Shakespeare from 1744 through 1986.
  Depicting Devotion: Illuminated Books of Hours from the Middle Ages
Designed to introduce the viewer to the illuminations that accompany the essential texts found in Books of Hours.
The Influence of Medieval Design on the Arts and Crafts Movement The Influence of Medieval Design on the Arts and Crafts Movement
A student-curated exhibit that explores the influence of medieval design on the Arts and Crafts Movement with a focus on the Triple Crown Collection and the Eric Gill Collection.
  James E. and Joan Singer Schiele Print Collection
Digitized Civil War prints and other historical images, representing abolition through the Civil War and reconstruction.
  Paper’s Creatures: Print & Metamorphosis in The History of Four-Footed Beasts, Serpents, and Insects
A student project exploring The History which records the world’s beasts in twelve hundred pages of text and illustrations.
  The Philip Mills Arnold Semeiology Collection
View an exhibit featuring the Philip Mills Arnold Semeiology Collection which contains approximately 1600 volumes on the history of signs, symbols, and communication.
  The Rare Books of the Shimeon Brisman Collection in Jewish Studies
Featured here are some of the highlights of the approximately 750 rare books of the Shimeon Brisman collection.
  The State of the Union: Reconstructing a Thomas Jefferson Family Library
In late 2010, a discovery revealed that at least 82 volumes in the collection had once been owned by Thomas Jefferson.
  Terra Incognita
This exhibit features early printed accounts of exploration and cultural encounters between what is known as the Old World or Europe and the New World or the Americas.
Urban Books
This site documents the Urban Books Collection of artists’ books in Special Collections at Washington University.
  You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover
This exhibition celebrates the variety and beauty of the art of book binding with 33 different interpretations of the same book by a group of distinguished and talented book binders.
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