D. B. Dowd Modern Graphic History Library

The Douglas B. Dowd Modern Graphic History Library at Washington University is comprised of original art and printed material from many fields of popular American pictorial graphic culture. Focusing on 20th century illustration, the collection includes artists' working materials and sketches as well as original artwork from books, magazines, and advertising.


Putting it back together

By Taylor Yocom on April 14, 2017

As a student worker for the MGHL, I have been cataloging magazine tear sheet illustrations from the Walt Reed Illustration Archive in Shared Shelf,...

Politically Correct Romance?

By l.sylvander on February 13, 2017

Our romantic and sexual practices are some of the most heavily policed aspects of our social lives (shoutout to Foucault for totally shifting my un...

Al Parker at Washington University

By Maria Dorfman on January 16, 2017

Al Parker (1906-1985) was one of the most famous magazine illustrators of his age. He was also an alumnus of Washington University. It is hard now ...