Special Collection Hours:

Open Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. (except University holidays*)
Hours at West Campus by appointment only

*Holiday Hours

Washington University Libraries will be closed on December 25, 2017 and January 1, 2018.  The Special Collections’ Reading Room will be closed from Dec. 25-29, 2017. Please contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.

Construction at Olin Library – 2017

Any researchers wishing to visit or access Special Collections during the Summer or Fall semester of 2017 are highly encouraged to contact Special Collections in advance to arrange their visit. Due to construction and preparing the collections to be moved extra time may be needed to fulfill researcher’s requests. Some collections may be temporarily unavailable during this time. For changes to parking on WU’s campus, please see the information under Directions on our Research & Access page.

Please contact us to arrange your visit:

(314) 935-5495

or use the contact form below



Reference Questions
(314) 935-5495

or use the contact form below

Staff Directory

Special Collections
Washington University Libraries
One Brookings Drive
Campus Box 1061
St. Louis, MO 63130


Tyler Bequette, Film Preservationist
tbequette@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-6991

Cassie Brand, Curator of Rare Books
cassie.brand@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-4950

Alison Carrick, Reference and Outreach Supervisor
alison.carrick@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5405

Andrea Degener, Visual Materials Processing Archivist
andread@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-9382

Nadia Ghasedi, Associate University Librarian for Special Collections
nghasedi@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5487

Jaleen Grove, Post-Doctoral Research Scholar (MGHL)
jaleen.grove@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-3299

Kate Goldkamp, Curatorial Assistant
kgoldkamp@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-4640

Jim Hone, Film and Media Digital Archivist
jhone@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5409

Barry Kelley, Processing Assistant
kelleyb@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-6992

Skye Lacerte, Curator of the Dowd Modern Graphic History Library
slacerte@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-7741

Ian Lanius, Curatorial Assistant
ian.lanius@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5495

Robert Manley, Digital Assets Coordinator
rmanley@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-3529

Joel Minor, Curator of Manuscripts & Modern Literature Collections
joelminor@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5413

Vernon Mitchell, Curator of Popular American Arts
vmitchelljr@wustl.edu | (314) 935-9779

Joy Novak, Head of Collection Management for Special Collections and West Campus Librarian
jnovak@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-9820

Miranda Rectenwald, Curator of Local History
mrectenwald@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5444

Garth Reese, Head of Curation for Special Collections
reeseg@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-3862

Sonya Rooney, University Archivist
srooney@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-9730

Masha Sapp, Special Collections Cataloger (Technical Services)
msapp@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-4820

Sarah Schnuriger, Manuscripts and Papers Processing Archivist
sschnuriger@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-8158

Erin Sutherland, Curator of Exhibitions
ecsuther@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-6994

Irene Taylor, Cataloging and Metadata Archivist
itaylor@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-8378

Brian Woodman, Curator of Film and Media Archive
woodmanb@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-3301

Preservation and Digitization Unit Staff

Len Augsburger, Project Coordinator Newman Numismatic Portal

Shannon Davis, Digitization Manager
ssdavis@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-6349

Anthony De Marinis, Supervisor
ademarinis@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-5487

Nicole Fry, Library Technical Assistant, Digitization
nicole.fry@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-4350

Rose Hanes, Library Technical Assistant
haynesr@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-4733

Mary Whiteley, Library Technical Assistant
whiteley@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-4612

Teresa Yarber, Digital Imaging Specialist
msyarber@wustl.edu | phone (314) 935-9888

Make a Gift 

If you are interested in making a gift of materials or items for a collection, please contact a curator for more information.