Poster Printing

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 this service is currently unavailable. See our COVID-19 Updates and Resources page for additional details. We will update the information here once that situation changes.



The Libraries offers large format printing by appointment. Available paper widths are 36 inches and 42 inches and lengths can be up to 100 ft. A trimmer is available for smaller dimensions. All posters are printed on a photo-quality satin finish paper stock.


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  • PDF (preferred)
  • PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX)

Pricing is based on length with a minimum charge of $25. Charges can be made to University departments (four digit department code) or paid using Bear Bucks.

  • 36 inch posters are billed at $6 per linear foot
  • 42 inch posters are billed at $8 per linear foot

  • Design your poster with the height or width dimension equal to 36 or 42 inches. This will match the width of the available paper roll media and enable us to print a poster that will not require trimming.
  • Leave approximately 0.5 inches of white space between your content and the edges of the poster. The printer will use this space as the margin.
  • Create your poster using a presentation or graphics program; Powerpoint is a popular choice. Make sure that you set the slide size to match your design dimensions. If you use Powerpoint and need to create a poster with a dimension larger than 56 inches (the maximum allowed in Powerpoint), you will need to create the poster at a smaller size and we can scale to your target dimensions when we print. Be sure to adjust the scale so that you maintain the same aspect ratio (height to width) in order for scaling to occur without distortion.
  • Save your document in PDF format for best results. To do this from Powerpoint, use the Save As option and change the File Type to PDF. This should retain your page size settings but you should verify this by checking the Page Size in the output PDF File – Properties window.

Poster Printing is located in Olin Library Level A room A07 and is by appointment only. You can enter Olin library through either the north or south entrance. Then take the Grand Staircase or elevator down one level to Level A. Go through doors at the east end of the landing. Turn right and walk to the Data Services office Room A07 at the south end of the floor (under Whispers Cafe).