Practical Steps for Increasing Openness and Reproducibility

There are many actions researchers can take to increase the openness and reproducibility of their work. Please join us for a day-long workshop, led by Ian Sullivan from the Center for Open Science, to learn easy, practical steps to increase the reproducibility of your work.

In the afternoon session participants will build on the knowledge gained in the morning session by examine case studies and designing appropriate open workflows for each situation.

Morning session topics:
  • Project documentation
  • Version control
  • Pre-Analysis plans
  • Open source tools like the Center for Open Science’s Open Science Framework to easily implement these concepts in a scientific workflow

January 16 (Medical Campus):  9am-12pm  – Morning Register

January 17 (Danforth Campus):  9am-12pm – Register

Afternoon session topics:
  • Build structures to support complex workflows
  • Tie projects together across studies and teams
  • Design for long term reuse and replication
  • Incorporate privacy protections and IRB concerns

January 16 (Medical Campus):  1pm-4:00pm – Afternoon Register

January 17 (Danforth Campus) :  1pm-4pm – Register

The workshop will be hands-on, so be sure to bring a laptop. No knowledge of programming or other specialized tools is required.