Recalls and Searches

A recall is used when someone needs an item that another person has checked out. Unlike a “hold,” which lets the first borrower keep the item until the due date, a recall will sometimes shorten the due date. When a recall is placed on an item you have checked out, you will receive an e-mail notice stating the due date. If the item is checked out, request the item from MOBIUS (when a copy is available) instead of recalling the library’s copy. MOBIUS items arrive sooner than recalled items. Click here to search the MOBIUS catalogILLiad is also available to request items not available in our library or in MOBIUS.

Due Dates for Recalled Items
Every person is guaranteed to have an item until the original due date, unless:

1. The item is needed for course reserves. Items recalled for course reserves are due in 3 days. Only library staff may recall items for course reserves.

2. The item has been renewed or has become overdue. In these cases the items are subject to immediate recall.

3. The item belongs to the Art & Architecture Library or the Law Library. Library users may recall Art & Architecture Library and Law Library items from other users. A recall will shorten the due date. In most cases, users are guaranteed to have Art & Architecture Library and Law Library items for 14 days, unless needed for course reserves.

Other options for getting the items you need: If an item you need is checked out, please consider requesting it through MOBIUS or ILLiad (interlibrary loan) instead of placing a recall for Wash U’s copy. In many cases, you will get the item more quickly by using MOBIUS or ILLiad.

Contact us! If you have problems or questions about recalls or placing requests, contact Olin Circulation at or (314) 935-5420.