A/V Studio

Due to the impact of COVID-19, this space is not currently available to reserve. When this space becomes available we will post instructions and a link to place new reservation requests.

Questions? Contact CFULIBAVStudio@gowustl.onmicrosoft.com.

The A/V Studio Pilot Program, located in Olin Library Level A Room A05, offers a technology-enhanced space that creates an environment especially suited for audio and video recording and still camera work. The studio supports individual and group recordings.

Two people using podcasting equipment.

The studio includes a variety of technology such as:

  • Video cameras
  • Digital still cameras
  • Lighting
  • Tripods
  • Backdrops including green screen for chroma keying
  • A podcasting kit ensemble for recording 1-4 sources

The A/V Studio Pilot Program provides opportunities for Washington University faculty, students and staff to leverage recording technology for achieving learning and research goals, creating course-related content and other scholarly or instructional purposes.

To find out more about how to access the AV studio space for your project and to request a reservation, click here.

If you have used the A/V studio and would like to provide feedback, click here.