September Springer Physics eBooks

Advanced Linear Machines and Drive Systems   by  Wei Xu, Md. Rabiul Islam, Marcello Pucci
Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy of Delafossite Metals   by  Veronika Sunko
Applied General Relativity   by  Michael H. Soffel, Wen-Biao Han
Astronomical Polarisation from the Infrared to Gamma Rays   by  Roberto Mignani, Andrew Shearer, Agnieszka Słowikowska, Silvia Zane
Biophysics of RNA-Protein Interactions   by  Chirlmin Joo, David Rueda
Citation Analysis and Dynamics of Citation Networks   by  Michael Golosovsky
Classical Newtonian Gravity   by  Roberto A. Capuzzo Dolcetta
David Bohm   by  Olival Freire Junior
DNA Systems Under Internal and External Forcing   by  Megan Clare Engel
Engineering of Scintillation Materials and Radiation Technologies   by  Mikhail Korzhik, Alexander Gektin
Evolving Theories on the Origin of the Moon   by  Warren D. Cummings
Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life   by  Pekka Teerikorpi, Mauri Valtonen, Kirsi Lehto, Harry Lehto, Gene Byrd, Arthur Chernin
Flowing Matter   by  Federico Toschi, Marcello Sega
Fundamentals and Frontiers of the Josephson Effect   by  Francesco Tafuri
Ground States of the Two-Dimensional Electron System at Half-Filling under Hydrostatic Pressure   by  Katherine A. Schreiber
Handbook of Materials for Wind Musical Instruments   by  Voichita Bucur
Importance of Binaries in the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae   by  Henri M. J. Boffin, David Jones
Investigation on SiGe Selective Epitaxy for Source and Drain Engineering in 22 nm CMOS Technology Node and Beyond   by  Guilei Wang
L.I. Mandelstam and His School in Physics, 2nd ed.   by  Alexander Pechenkin
Laser-Driven Sources of High Energy Particles and Radiation   by  Leonida Antonio Gizzi, Ralph Assmann, Petra Koester, Antonio Giulietti
Long-Term Reliability of Nanometer VLSI Systems   by  Sheldon Tan, Mehdi Tahoori, Taeyoung Kim, Shengcheng Wang, Zeyu Sun, Saman Kiamehr
Measurements of Higgs Boson Properties in Proton-Proton Collisions at √s =7, 8 and 13 TeV at the CERN Large Hadron Collider   by  Ulascan Sarica
On the Nature of Charge Density Waves, Superconductivity and Their Interplay in 1T-TiSe₂   by  Chuan Chen
Physical-Layer Security and Quantum Key Distribution   by  Ivan B. Djordjevic
Principles of Space Anthropology   by  Cameron M. Smith
Quantum Collisions and Confinement of Atomic and Molecular Species, and Photons   by  P. C. Deshmukh, E. Krishnakumar, Stephan Fritzsche, M. Krishnamurthy, Sonjoy Majumder
Radiation in Bioanalysis   by  Alice S. Pereira, Pedro Tavares, Paulo Limão-Vieira
Red Dwarfs, 2nd ed.   by  David S. Stevenson
Reservoir Rock Diagnostics for Water or Hydrocarbon Exploration   by  Jerzy Sobotka
Searches for the Supersymmetric Partner of the Top Quark, Dark Matter and Dark Energy at the ATLAS Experiment   by  Nicolas Maximilian Köhler
Semiconductor Optics 1, 5th ed.   by  Heinz Kalt, Claus F. Klingshirn
Shock Phenomena in Granular and Porous Materials   by  Tracy J. Vogler, D. Anthony Fredenburg
ShortTube 80 Telescope   by  Neil T. English
Si Detectors and Characterization for HEP and Photon Science Experiment   by  Ajay Kumar Srivastava
Special Theory of Relativity   by  Helmut Günther, Volker Müller
The Dynamics of Small Solar System Bodies   by  Jeremy Wood
Toward Inertial-Navigation-on-Chip   by  Haoran Wen
Trapping Single Ions and Coulomb Crystals with Light Fields   by  Leon Karpa
Using Sequence Generator Pro and Friends   by  Alex McConahay

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