September Physics Springer eBooks

100 Years of Fundamental Theoretical Physics in the Palm of Your Hand   by  E. B. Manoukian
Advanced Concepts in Quantum Field Theory   by  James M. Cline
Astronomy’s Quest for Sharp Images   by  Pierre Léna
Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology   by  Subhendra Mohanty
Astrophotography is Easy!   by  Gregory I. Redfern
Blackbody Radiometry   by  Victor Sapritsky, Alexander Prokhorov
Cryogenic Helium Refrigeration for Middle and Large Powers   by  Guy Gistau Baguer
Do Wave Functions Jump?   by  Valia Allori, Angelo Bassi, Detlef Dürr, Nino Zanghi
Economics of Big Science   by  Hans Peter Beck, Panagiotis Charitos
First Course on Symmetry, Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics   by  Gabor Kunstatter, Saurya Das
Global Atmospheric Phenomena Involving Water   by  Boris M. Smirnov
Handbook of Space Security, 2nd ed.   by  Kai-Uwe Schrogl
Introduction to the Physics of Matter, 2nd ed.   by  Nicola Manini
Manipulation of Matrix-Isolated Molecules and Molecular Clusters with Electrostatic Fields   by  Youngwook Park
Modern Developments in Vacuum Electron Sources   by  Georg Gaertner, Wolfram Knapp, Richard G. Forbes
Observational and Theoretical Studies on Dwarf-nova Outbursts   by  Mariko Kimura
Optical Whispering Gallery Modes for Biosensing   by  Frank Vollmer, Deshui Yu
Oscilloscopes: A Manual for Students, Engineers, and Scientists   by  David Herres
Polyvinyl Alcohol/Halloysite Nanotube Bionanocomposites as Biodegradable Packaging Materials   by  Zainab Waheed Abdullah, Yu Dong
Radio and Radar Astronomy Projects for Beginners, 2nd ed.   by  Steven Arnold
Some Unusual Topics in Quantum Mechanics   by  Pankaj Sharan
Tauberian Theory of Wave Fronts in Linear Hereditary Elasticity   by  Alexander A. Lokshin
Timing Neutron Stars: Pulsations, Oscillations and Explosions   by  Tomaso M. Belloni, Mariano Méndez, Chengmin Zhang
XVIII International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM 2019)   by  Domenico Elia, Giuseppe E. Bruno, Pietro Colangelo, Leonardo Cosmai

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