September New Physics Books

2D materials : properties and devices / [edited by] Phaedon Avouris, Tony F. Heinz, Tony Low.

TA455.G65 A15 2017

Boyce’s elementary differential equations and boundary value problems / William E. Boyce, Richard C. DiPrima, Douglas B. Meade.

QA371 .B773 2017

Computer simulation of liquids / Michael P. Allen, Dominic J. Tildesley.

QC145.2 .A43 2017

Electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures : common mode filters for high speed digital systems / Antonio Orlandi, Bruce Archambeault, Francesco De Paulis, Samuel Connor.

QC611.8.W53 O75 2017

Electromagnetic fluctuations at the nanoscale : theory and applications / Aleksandr I. Volokitin, Bo N.J. Persson.

QC665.E4 V65 2017

Geometry of quantum states : an introduction to quantum entanglement / Ingemar Bengtsson, Karol Życzkowski.

QC174.12 .B453 2017

Gravitational lensing / Scott Dodelson.

QB857.5.G7 D63 2017

Modern classical physics : optics, fluids, plasmas, elasticity, relativity, and statistical physics / Kip S. Thorne and Roger D. Blandford.

QC21.3 .T46 2017

Nuclear particle correlations and cluster physics / editor, Wolf-Udo Schröder.

QC793.3.S8 N83 2017

On the Inside of a marble : from quantum mechanics to the Big Bang / Gavin Bascom.

QC174.12 .B37 2017

Quantum physics : what everyone needs to know / Michael G. Raymer.

QC174.12 .R387 2017

The quantum revolution in philosophy / Richard Healey.

QC174.12 .H432 2017

Ripples in spacetime : Einstein, gravitational waves, and the future of astronomy / Govert Schilling.

QC179 .S287 2017

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