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>>>>>Open Access articles worth reading!

>>>Open education resources (OERs) Opening the Textbook: Open Education Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2015-16 was released this month based on a survey of 3,000 faculty. It’s a fun report to browse with lots of quotes from comments to the survey.
Two posts about the report:

Selected findings from the Executive Summary of the report. (The report is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

  • Faculty awareness of OER has increased in the last year, but remains low. Only 6.6% of faculty reported that they were “Very aware” of open educational resources, with around three times that many (19%) saying that they were “Aware”.
  • 5.3% of courses are using an openly licensed (Creative Commons or public domain) required textbook.
  • The barriers to adopting OER most often cited by faculty are that “there are not enough resources for my subject” (49%), it is “too hard to find what I need” (48%) and “there is no comprehensive catalog of resources” (45%).

>>>>engrXiv announced An eprint server for engineering built on a model that sounds similar to SocArXiv was just announced July 27. The announcement

>>>>Wellcome Open Research forthcoming, a journal and eprint/preprint/data platform paid for by a research funder – certainly a new model for open access. Wellcome Trust has been on the forefront of open access to funded research, being the first to request and pay for open access books and book chapters (in addition to articles) and to regularly share data about how much they spent to make articles and books open access. Here are a few of many posts so far:

>>>>How should open access publishing costs be paid? A few recent additions to the discussion.

I do not know how such costs should be paid or what part of Washington University’s budget (or all academic budgets) should go toward support, but I think these are good questions for all of us to consider!

>>>>Metrics, impact factors, new measures, a selection of interesting recent items

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