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The Washington University Libraries are committed to the mission of being an interactive hub of information resources, expertise, services, and relationships advancing research and learning. To offer the fullest scope of information technology, Washington University Libraries seeks to provide access to digitized material and scholarship produced at Washington University in St. Louis.

Our websites for film and media, images, and scholarship offer access to these digital materials. Additionally, the Libraries have worked with faculty and other partners in the creation of several digital projects; access to these projects is made possible through Washington University’s open-source platforms.

Search Tools for Digital Materials

Get digital access to a variety of collections from the University Libraries and elsewhere, including digitized material and scholarship produced at Washington University.

  • Ares (Electronic Reserves) | An online portal with access to electronically held course reserves.
  • Image Collections & Exhibitions (Omeka) | A secure repository hosting digital versions of some of the Washington University Libraries’ collections and exhibitions.
  • HathiTrust Digital Library | A digital library partnership whose goal is to digitize, preserve, and increase online access to collections. Includes full-text access to over 6.5 million volumes in the public domain.

Audio + Video

MavisWeb is Washington University’s Film & Media Archive’s digitized holdings. MavisWeb is an online collection of images, film, interviews, and more.


Artstor is a collection of nearly 2 million images that embraces architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design as well as many other forms of visual culture.

Open Scholarship

Open Scholarship, a repository service of the Washington University in St. Louis libraries that provides free access to the scholarly output of the university.

Selected Digital Projects

Digital Projects are joint efforts between Washington University in St. Louis and other supporting archives, societies, museums, collectives, and more. The Digital Projects are often born-digital and are freely available online through the following links.

The selected Digital Projects below are just a portion of the Washington University Libraries’ Digital Projects. A wider array may be discovered through the Search Tools for Digital Materials listed above.

In addition to these projects, the Washington University Libraries’ Julian Edison Department of Special Collections includes a number of digital collections.

Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP)

Funded by the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Educational Society, the NNP is dedicated to becoming the primary and most comprehensive resource for numismatic research and reference material, initially concentrating on U.S. Coinage and Currency.

Selections from the Newman Numismatic Portal is a collection of digital exhibits featuring rare and unique items from the NNP.

Visit the Newman Numismatic Portal
Selections from the Newman Numismatic Portal

Documenting the Now

Documenting the Now is a cloud-ready, open-source application for collecting tweets, associated Web content, and metadata. It responds to the public’s use of social media for chronicling historically significant events as well as demand from scholars, students, and archivists, among others, seeking a user-friendly means of collecting and preserving this type of digital content.

The project is a collaborative effort between Shift Collective, the University of Maryland, and the University of Virginia. Documenting the Now is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

View Documenting the Now

Documenting Ferguson

Documenting Ferguson is a freely available resource that seeks to preserve and make accessible the digital media captured and created by community members following the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, 2014. Our project has the ultimate goal of providing diverse perspectives on the events in Ferguson and the resulting social dialogue.

View Documenting Ferguson

The Revised Dred Scott Case Collection

In 1846, Dred Scott and his wife Harriet filed suit for their freedom in the St. Louis Circuit Court. This suit began an eleven-year legal fight that ended in the U.S. Supreme Court. This collection is an expanded and updated – or revised – version of the original Dred Scott Case Collection. The collection was expanded from eighty-five (85) to one hundred and eleven (111) documents, over 400 pages of text. The collection is a full-text, searchable resource that represents the full case history of the Dred Scott Case.

View the Revised Dred Scott Case Collection

St. Louis Circuit Court Records

This Collection is a collaboration between the Washington University Libraries and the Missouri History Museum with contributions from many partners. The project builds on prior projects of the St. Louis Circuit Court, the Missouri State Archives, and Washington University in St. Louis.

At the center of the St. Louis Circuit Court Records are the “freedom suits.” The St. Louis Freedom Suits / Legal Encoding Project is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through a National Leadership Grant.

Visit the St. Louis Circuit Court Records

Freedom Suits

The Freedom Suits Collection presents over 400 Circuit Court Record cases in which slaves sued for their right to be free in the state of Missouri. The collection consists of digital scans of original documents with transcripts alongside.

More information on Freedom Suits and specific cases can be found in the University Libraries Research Guides.

Search the Freedom Suits Collection

The Bizet Catalogue

The Bizet Catalogue is primarily a list of Bizet’s compositions, providing essential information about the history and content of each one. The catalog gives information on the manuscript and printed sources, on documentary materials relating to the composition, performance, and publication of each work, and is intended to provide full historical documentation of Bizet’s work as composer and transcriber.

The Bizet Catalogue is managed by the Humanities Digital Workshop at Washington University in St. Louis and deposited at the university’s Olin Library.

View the Bizet Catalogue

The Novels of Fanny Lewald

Fanny Lewald (1811-1889) was a popular and prolific writer of novels, novellas, short stories, travelogues, letters, political essays, and other works. Although Lewald was to become a very well-known, best-selling author, she was largely forgotten within 20 years of her death. Feminist critics rediscovered her in the 1970s, and a few of her works have since been republished.

This collection presents digitized page images from ten (10) of Lewald’s novels presented in their native German, broadening access to this important author’s work and making her writing available to readers and scholars all over the world.

Search the Fanny Lewald Collection on the University Libraries Repository

Explore the Novels of Fanny Lewald Collection