Digital Collections

See below for a selection of digital collections at Washington University Libraries. You can find additional projects and collections on our Special Collections Digital Projects & Collections page.


River Styx: Liberating the Spoken Word contains literary readings and related images.


Documentary series created by Blackside, Inc. covering events that took place after President Johnson declared an "unconditional war on poverty." 


Over 100 interview transcripts from the Eyes on the Prize documentary including eye-witness accounts of the American Civil Rights Movement. Featuring video and transcript syncing.


Ten of the prolific German writer's novels presented in their native German.


Over 400 cases in which slaves sued for their right to be free in the state of Missouri.

Title: Venice, San Marco Facade; Image ID: SS7729495_7729495_827

Over 1000 digitized photographs documenting architecture, period travel, archaeological, and portraiture.


Digital exhibits and projects from Becker Medical Library.


A list of Bizet's works, providing a full historical documentation of Bizet's work as composer and transcriber.


A digital repository of scholarly work created at Washington University School of Medicine.


Community- and media-generated, original content that was captured and created following the killing of Michael Brown  in Ferguson, Missouri.


A cloud-ready, open-source application for collecting tweets, associated Web content, & metadata funded by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation.


A full-text legal case history of the Dred Scott case expanded to include thirty-three additional resources.


Over 200 digitized photographs donated to Washington University by William S. Eames & Thomas C. Young.


The Open Scholarship repository provides free access to the scholarly output of the university.


Over 100 interview transcripts from the Eyes on the Prize documentary including eye-witness accounts of the American Civil Rights Movement.


Exhibits, publications, and selected sheet music collections from Gaylord Music Library.


Interviews conducted by Blackside, Inc. telling stories of struggle and survival during the worst economic crisis in U.S. history.


Photographs, sculpture, and video acknowledging the cultural and historical significance of Washington Park Cemetery and honoring the people touched by decades of oversight, neglect, and disruption.


Images of ancient Greek and Roman works of art showing musicians and musical instruments.  Also includes some images of ancient and modern instruments and of places and objects related to the ancient Greco-Roman world more broadly, and some recordings of ancient Greek and Roman literature read aloud.


A collection of prints representing abolition through the Civil War.


Database of archival sources and online exhibit exploring key moments in the history of music and segregation in mid-twentieth century St. Louis.


A database of all metrical units (passages in an individual meter) in the extant plays of Plautus and Terence except for the fragmentary Vidularia.


Funded by the Eric P. Newman Numismatic Educational Society, the NNP is dedicated to becoming the primary and most comprehensive resource for numismatic research and reference material.


A small selection of Kevin Herbert's slides in three of his categories: Alexander & Hellenistic World – Survey; Cities of Sicily – Peloponnesian War; and Roman Myths, Heroes, Buildings.


Over 500 rare books from Shimeon Brisman, a Judaic bibliographer and an expert in Hebrew bibliography.


Digital exhibits featuring rare and unique items from the Newman Numismatic Portal.


Maps, photographs, sketches, and other archival material selected from Washington University's Special Collections.

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Freedom suits plus city directories, freedom bonds, record books, and other materials documenting slaves' fight for their freedom in St. Louis.


Original Chinese language transcripts of late Imperial Chinese crime reports.


Fire insurance maps providing the most complete visual record of the evolving built environment in St. Louis.


A study resource for students in the Urban Books class displaying artists' books from Special Collections.


A digital companion to a library exhibit of medals, reprints, and photographs. from October 2000.


Video lectures currently restricted access to the Washington University campus.


Photographs of inscriptions commemorating the establishment or renovation of huiguan (native-place associations).