Our Work

Brisman Collection Videos
ISS staff produced videos and special effects to highlight the library's Brisman Collection.

Flipped Classrooms

Dr. Pratim Biswas needed to share his class with fellows of the MAGEEP Institute. The Arc provided space, equipment, and consultation that helped Dr. Biswas reach a wider audience.

klehm-anthro-190 Anthro Exam Review Videos
Dr. Carla Klehm wanted to have students create short videos that would serve to review important concepts for her Anthro 190 class. The Arc supported her by helping to develop a workflow for handling many videos and providing video and audio recording capacity for students who needed it.


project-east-st-louis-crop Creative Studio
Focusing around Adobe's Creative Cloud titles, the Arc's ongoing Creative Studio series is an encouraging environment that is part workshop and part skill share. Keep an eye out for upcoming dates!


project-east-st-louis-crop Project East St. Louis presents
Voices of East St. Louis
a visual exhibit based on interviews conducted with local residents. Voices challenges the stigma associated with East St. Louis by focusing on the stories and struggles of local community members